Dear Mum, From Me to You, Journal of a Lifetime.

Price:  £8.99
Suitable from:   a mother to her grown-up child
Initial Reaction:  what a fantastic idea.  I’m sure that I’m representative of the population at large when I say that I never commit  enough time to just mulling things over with my parents, so this is a great opportunity to hear more about my Mum, and for her to maybe jot down that are more difficult to say than to write.
Pros:  A fantastic book with some lovely questions, probing into many different aspects of life from Mum’s childhood to mine, and the associated decisions and feelings that are encountered along the way.  Examples of some of the questions are: “Tell me about a special piece of music that you and Dad had ‘just for you’ . . .”,  “Before I was born, what other names had you thought of calling me?”,  “What was the first word or words you remember me saying?”
Cons:  I had worried that it might be a long task for Mum to complete, it is, after all, a whole books’ worth of questions for her to answer and she is a busy lady.  I needn’t have worried though, with my mother being as chatty and literate as she is, and she has been busily filling in pages already.  It probably wouldn’t appeal so much to someone who found it hard to write, especially by hand.  The book had quite a basic feel to it; I’d probably pay more for a more luxurious cover and some pearly-white pages.
Value for money?  Definitely, you can’t put a price on this kind of information and it makes for a great and interesting gift.  It’s a present and a historical journal all in one, and I will be computerising a version for my son.
Overall Reaction:   fantastic and unusual gift.

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