Grandpa In My Pocket Mr Marvelloso’s Magic Tricks DVD

Grandpa In My Pocket Mr Marvelloso’s Magic Tricks DVD

Price: RRP £7.99
Available from: 7th February
Suitable from : It is enjoyed by my 2 year old but really mostly appeals to my 4 year old. (4-7 yrs )

Initial Reaction : We are already fans of Grandpa In My Pocket in this house so we were pretty much onto a winner. These new episodes take the original premise and some new fun story lines and make for good viewing. What we like is how the episode takes a storyline ,such as the one about the boy next door who comes to play but is a bit of a bully, and makes it funny but also has a lesson to learn. The boy next door learns that its not nice to frighten people thanks to Grandpa’s antics.

Pro’s : Another good educational but fun BBC children’s program
Con’s : there are none

Overall reaction: Definatly a winner , we will probably enjoy repeated viewings of the dvd before the episodes are shown on tv.

by Ella

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