ila Handbag Hook

ila Handbag Hook


: £12.33 – £14.99

Available from: Gadgets4Travel and the Handpicked Collection

What does it do?keeps your precious handbag off the floor and safely away from potential thieves. The hook folds niftily away when not in use, and you can use the mirror to discreetly keep an eye on unwanted visitors, or stray bits of make-up..

Initial Reaction: Great idea. A little fiddly to get the hang of first time, but easy thereafter. Sturdily built – you don’t worry it would break easily.

Pros: Sturdy yet compact. Great idea for keeping your bag safe. Easy to carry around in your handbag. Even more useful for keeping your bag close to hand for easy access to distraction toys for toddler during lunch!
Cons: Feels a little like your bag is more on display than if it was tucked under the table. But that means anyone trying to pinch from it would be in full view too!
Value for money? 2.5 out of 5
Overall Reaction I don’t think that I would have bought this independently, but have found that I have happily used it on the few occasions when I’ve been out with a handbag rather than a nappy bag.
Definitely appreciated it more from the perspective of keeping the bag accessible than its security function, but perhaps I’m too trusting! Expect some strange looks when you whip it out!

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