The Minuet Digital Radio from Magic Box

Product: The Minuet Digital Radio from Magic Box

Price: from £21.99

Available from: My Memory, Amazon, Play

Initial Reaction: Nice and compact.

  • Clear Sound
  • 20 Preset Stations
  • Runs on mains and battery
  • Stations are named
  • Scrolling screen
  • Easy to search for stations
  • Headphone sockets
  • Drains batteries really quickly
Value for money? Yes, digital radios can be really expensive this is the lower price range.

Overall Reaction: I had been after a digital radio for a while I like 6 Music which is a digital station. With this it meant I could listen to it all around the house and even in the garden. The sound it clear and I like the pre set channels. The batteries did die quite quickly which is a shame when you want to use it outside but all in all a great little radio.

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