Organix Mighty Meals, Goodies squeezy fruit pouch and Drinks

Organix Mighty Meals, Goodies squeezy fruit pouch, Drinks

Price: £1.59 for the meals, 71p for the squeezy pouches and 89p for the drink

Available from: and other online retailers and supermarkets

Suitable from: 12 months

Initial Reaction:  What a great idea to help get healthy fruit and good food into your kids.

Pros: Really tasty and my son loved all of them.  I shared the spinach falafels with him in a pitta and they were really tasty.  He drank the drinks up much more quickly than he usually drinks, and the squeezy pouch was gone in minutes.  They are just the right size for a small child and are really easy to prepare and serve.

Cons:  None.

Value for money? Compared to other baby meals they are good value, however I prefer home cooked food.  If you buy baby meals, though, I would highly recommend these.

Overall Reaction: I find them too expensive for my meagre budget but they are a brilliant product and I would think about buying them for occasional or emergency use.

(for quality, 5, but I knocked one off for the price)

By Catherine

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