Prevalin Allergy Kids

Prevalin Allergy Kids

Price: £9.99 for 280 doses

Available from: Chemists including Boots

Suitable from: Age 6

Initial Reaction: I’m always wary of nasal sprays as I find them hard to administer to kids.

Pros: Did seem to dampen down the effects of hayfever and stopped my daughters sneezing especially during the night.

Cons: I always find nasal sprays a bit of a a nightmare to get kids to take.

Value for money: Good.

Overall reaction: As we were all suffering from our allergies quite badly this year I was willing to try anything with the kids especially and this nasal spray was perfect for my daughters age range. On top of use with other hayfever reliefs it did seem to help and she felt quite a bit better when using Prevalin. It contained no antihistamines and no steroids so she could continue to use all her own tablets on top of it . She claimed to find it fairly easy to use after an initial wobble over a nasal spray and did notice a difference with her sneezing and eye itching/watering. All in all I think this is a good product and worth a try if your kids are really suffering.

By Julie

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