Organix Baby Food & Snacks

Organix -Rice Cakes, Savoury pots & Savoury Pouches

Price: Approx,£1.19 per pack of rice cakes, £1.99/2 savoury pots,  £1.09 per savoury pouch

Available from: Organix Online shop, most supermarkets & chemists.

Suitable from: 4 months

Initial Reaction: I was very pleased with the lovely package I received from Organix with a wide range of food to try.


  • The savoury pots can be used for storage after the food has been eaten
  • No junk promise
  • Made with the best quality organic ingredients


  • There are a lot of rice cakes in the packets. They could do with being re-sealable or available in smaller packets.

Value for money? I think the rice cakes are quite expensive for a pack, but I think that the savoury pots are value for money.

Overall Reaction: The savoury pots look and smell quite appetising. Brandon enjoyed these but wasn’t so keen on the savoury pouches. Best of all he absolutely loved the rice cakes. He was happy to eat a few of the carrot and tomato ones as a snack. The plain ones were nice to use for dipping into fruit purees or spread with cheese or hummus. The only downside is that the packs are quite large and there are lots of rice cakes inside.  I would prefer to see smaller “snack packs” at a cheaper price.

Overall very handy for days when you’re out or don’t have time to cook.

By Sarah

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