Ella’s Kitchen Pouches

Ella’s Kitchen Pouches

Price: Around 69p

Available from:  Most Supermarkets

Suitable from:  4 months

Initial Reaction:  Nice handy little sachet.


  • Organic
  • No added sugar or salt
  • No E numbers or GM products


  • None

Value for money? Yes

Overall Reaction:   The new pouches I received are for stage one which is from 4 months onwards and only contains one fruit, for baby’s first tastes.

We tried “pears, pears, pears” and “mangoes, mangoes, mangoes”.  Unfortunately these were a bit young for Brandon as he’s nearly 12 months old and prefers chewing. However, I think that these would be perfect for a baby that is just starting to wean.

The consistency is very very runny and almost a liquid. We ended up using them as a sweetener mixed into Weetabix, which Brandon enjoyed.

By Sarah

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