EZ Fort Construction Toy

EZ- Fort Construction Toy

Price : £35

Available from : Early Learning Centre , Amazon, Prezzybox, Boots and other online retailers

Suitable from : Age 3 onwards

Initial Reaction : I initially thought this looked like a great toy. Its a series of different size poles and balls which click together to create a variety of structures such as a tent or a fort, you then add a sheet or blanket and let the kids play in it. Versatile, creative and a good building challenge. I could imagine my boys building all sorts of things and then playing, or hanging out in them afterwards.

Pro’s: Its two toys in one , a building toy and then a play tent.

Con’s : The balls and poles dont fit together very snugly meaning the structures fall apart very easily. This means the process is a little frustrating as the structures cannot really be played in without them needing constant rebuilding.

Value for money: The cost seems reasonable for this type of toy.

Overall Reaction: Although we had fun building with this toy , the structure fell apart very
easily. This was frustrating and means I would be less likely to use this toy regularly.

By Ella

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