Ella’s Kitchen The Orange One

Ella’s Kitchen The Orange One 

Price: £0.69

Available from: Sainsburys

Initial Reaction: Sounds very yummy, in a perfect pouch small enough to pop in my bag to take with me out.


  • I always taste the food I give my daughter and this was gorgeous, confirmed by my daughter eating every last drop in one sitting.
  • Contains no added sugar, salt or water
  • No additives, thickeners, E numbers or GM
  • Gluten, wheat, dairy and lactose free
  • Contains no lumps or bits and nothing artificial so is great for older kids too who don’t like lumps.
  • Contains one of your five a day so idea for lunch box and if you find getting your children to eat an actual piece of fruit difficult as the squishy packet is fun.


  • Cannot be recycled in our usual bin but there is a website you can go to send the packets off and earn money.


Value for money? If you are looking for something tasty to take out and about then this is well worth the money.

Overall Reaction:  I always try to make food for my daughter but sometimes it is just easier to grab something out of the cupboard or if we are out for the day it’s much less hassle with a packet of something. With this you ensure your children are getting just 100% yummy fruit with no nasties and best of all it tastes lovely! It is perfect for older kids and dare I say it mums and dads too.

By Ellie

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