Red Rover Game

Red Rover Game

Price: £19.99

Available from: Argos, Amazon

Suitable from:  3 years

Initial Reaction: My children love dogs so very excited to see the box with a friendly looking plastic talking dog! The game was very easy to set up (once batteries were bought) and they quickly got the hang of what to do. The dog issues the command for what he would like you to bring back to win from the 12 bones each carrying a colour, shape, number or letter (or mixture of each).


  • Teaches children to recognise basic shapes colours, numbers and letters.
  • Dog has a handy backpack for storing bone pieces so minimises pieces getting lost.
  • Simple game but very effectively and fun for children
  • Good for young children to play independently. Although staying that to start the game off you have to press the dog’s nose. This was quite difficult for a small child so an adult can still supervise the game play.
  • Hardwearing, good quality toy.


  • Dog has a slight American accent so pronounces letters differently to the way some children may recognise.
  • Potentially has a limited lifespan as in my opinion it would be too easy for a 4 year old so really only a 2 or 3 year old would get most benefit from.


Value for money? Good value as children learn lots through play and, although the “bones” are quite basic it is an excellent starting point for young children.

Overall Reaction: My 2 year old and 4 year old both enjoyed playing this game, for two different reasons! It was most educational for the 2 year old and he will play with it more over the coming year when he will understand more about colours, shapes, letters and numbers. My 4 year old quickly understood what needed to be done so was enjoying the winning streak!

By Louise


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