Galt Peep-o Puppet

Price: £7.99

Available from: and various stockists

Suitable from: Birth, would entertain babies from 3 months +

Initial Reaction: We tried the dog and cow versions of the Peep-o Puppet (there’s also a lion available). They’re cute and appealing, and match nicely with other Galt baby toys.

Pros: My 10 month old baby really liked this. He loves playing peekaboo and interacting, so he’s at the ideal stage for this sort of toy. We got big smiles and the occasional laugh for all my “Where’s he gone… Boo!” efforts. The bright colours attracted his attention and the toys are soft and easy for baby to hold; the stick at the bottom is spongy and padded, but solid enough to work effectively.

Baby also enjoyed bashing things with the puppets, as you might with a hammer. The jingly bell inside made this even more fun. In a few months it’ll be nice to do animal sounds along to these too.

Cons: The quality seemed a little bit cheap to me. The different fabrics didn’t line up with the top of the cup on so edges looked uneven. The cow especially always leaned to the left a little, and the white fabric was slightly see-through. The cups could have been more solid too.
Also, perhaps I’m a lazy mum, but I like toys that baby can investigate and play with himself, whereas this needs constant interaction. I tried to teach my two-year old to work these so that the kids could play together, but he couldn’t get then hang of holding the cup while moving the stick.

Value for money? I think £7.99 for this is a touch expensive for the Peep-o Puppet. They are bright and appealing, but a little flimsy. Also, these arrived packaged in a plastic bag rather than boxed, which made them seem a little insubstantial if you were giving them as a gift.

Overall Reaction: I really liked the Peep-o Puppet. There are educational elements, both with the animals ‘hiding’ and reappearing, and learning animal names and noises. I much prefer fabric or wooden toys to big lumps of plastic, especially for babies. It was also nice to see something for young babies with a bit more interactivity and potential than the usual soft teddy. However, they didn’t quite feel as ‘sturdy’ as I would have liked, which is why I’ve only given three stars. 

By Kirsty

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