Hot Wheels Wall Track

Hot Wheels Wall Track

Price: Starter set : £29.99 Downhill Flip Drop-Track £29.99

Available from: Amazon, Toys r us, Argos, Tesco

Suitable from: 4 Years

Initial Reaction: My eldest son (4) loves all things cars. In fact we already own some of the regular hot wheels tracks. So when this toy arrived he was beside himself with excitement. He couldn’t wait for it to be assembled.

Pro’s: It’s a great idea to have the tracks on the wall. With previous hot wheel tracks we have had to put them away and reassemble (not easy) them regularly as they take up a lot of floor space.

They work better than some floor based tracks because you have gravity on your side.


You need a fairly large clear piece of wall to put the tracks on. We had to rearrange furniture.

Value for money: The price is in line with other Hot Wheels sets. I think they are a little expensive.

Overall Reaction: The tracks have been a popular toy in this house, my little boys love them. However I have never found Hot Wheels tracks hold their attention for very long.

Good for short play sessions.

By Ella 

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