Baby Massage Experience with My Father ‘A Father’s Journey’ – Mary Kay

 Baby Massage Experience with My Father ‘A Father’s Journey’  – Mary KayBaby Massage Experience with My Father: A Father's Journey (Parenting Book)

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Initial Reaction: I thought brilliant a baby massage book. I’d just started a massage course with my son (3 months old) and maybe this would give guidance.

Value for money? Expensive for a small paperback

Overall Reaction:

Rather than a ‘how to manual’, the book is a sensitive story about new dad, Mike, and his transition to fatherhood, which at times was difficult and challenging. The book focuses on how baby massage was one element of support that helped boost his confidence, enhanced his parenting skills and sealed his bond with his baby.

I felt that although I enjoyed reading about “Mikes story”, the title of the book could be a little misleading and didn’t give any real massage experience.  A nice gift but I don’t think it is something that I would for myself.

 By Howard



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