Dairy Diary Gift Set 2012

Dairy Diary Gift Set 2012

Price: £8.99

Available from: DairyDiary.co.uk

Initial Reaction: I remember my mum having a Dairy Diary when I was younger so was intrigued to see how they had updated this.


  • The large diary is full of information such as general first aid, useful phone numbers and dates, metric conversions etc the list goes on!
  • Some utterly yummy recipes, one on each page so a new one to try each week.
  • Hard backed pretty cover that looks more like a book than a diary.
  • Useful pocket diary so you can check important dates in your handbag when you are out and about.
  • Handy notebook with little post it notes and sticky tabs so you can mark any important dates in the diary or recipes you have found to try.
  • Comes complete with matching pen, this set really comes with everything and is such great value.
  • Would make a great Christmas present for a mum, sister or daughter.


  • This isn’t so much a con more of an observation by my husband, he say’s I have my phone for this sort of thing but to be honest I still enjoy having a diary and writing dates in it! Call me old fashioned but I like it!

Value for money? Yes, yes and yes, you get a large diary with recipes, small diary, note pad and pen for less than a tenner.

Overall Reaction: I love this because it is useful and looks fab not just because it makes me all nostalgic, you get so much for your money too and I would be more than happy to receive this as a gift. The mountain of useful information, hints and tips makes this different from a normal diary and I love it!

By Ellie

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