Ladies Wellies

Ladies Wellies 

Price: £10.99

Available from: Aldi  from 24th November while stocks last

Initial Reaction: Personally, I really liked the look of these wellies. They’re eye-catching, modern and stylish and they’d brighten up a rainy day. Unfortunately, they were too small for me, so I gave them to my Mum to review. She’s (obviously) in a different age bracket to me, and she thought they were “a bit garish”.

Pros: The wellies are good quality – totally waterproof, with a thick sole. They’re flexible enough to be comfortable for long walks.

The fitting is quite narrow and small – this could be a pro or a con depending on the shape of your feet! I’d advise trying a size up from your usual size, especially as you’re likely to wear them with thick socks.

The price is really competitive – my Mum reckoned that you’d pay £40 for a decent pair of wellies in some places, so these are a real bargain.

Cons: The legs are quite narrow – fine to wear with leggings or tights, but a bit of a struggle with bulkier jeans or trousers (especially if, like me and my Mum, you’re a little chunky of calf). My tester also complained that they were a little shorter than she was used to – perhaps more of a fashion welly than one for wading through deep mud.

As I said above, my Mum wasn’t keen on the colours. “There’s six colours on there, how can you match them with anything?!”… Whereas I’d wear them with neutral leggings and long coat, maybe a pink scarf and hat, sorted. I think they’re really pretty and funky. Mother, not so much.

Value for money? Yes, they’re a good price. Although perhaps a more expensive boot would be more functional as well as stylish.

Overall Reaction: I think whether these boots work for you depends what you’re looking for. A stylish, fun boot to wear occasionally for a jaunt to the village Christmas fair: ticks all the boxes. A serious wellington wide enough to accommodate practical trousers and walking socks, and coordinate with your Berghaus waterproof: you’d be better spending a little more on something more serious.

(My Mother’s verdict – I’d have given 3/5 but I’m a sucker for a pretty pattern, and I’m not the one who actually wore them.)

By Kirsty

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