Zoobles Chatteroos

Zoobles Chatteroos

Price: from £9.99

Available from: Amazon, Argos , The Toy Shop, Smyths, Tesco Direct

Suitable from: Age 4

Initial Reaction:  As soon as BG saw this she was fascinated.  The Chatteroos have different moods, you find their moods by placing them on their tree. They roll into a ball and then you place it on the base and they open up and talk.


  • Simple to use, BG is not even 3 yet but she worked it out quite easily
  • It’s more robust then you think
  • Fun to play with
  • Compact in size
  • Bright colours


  • Even though BG plays with everyday she only plays with it for a few minutes at a time before getting bored. It doesn’t do a huge amount of things

Value for money?   I think it’s a little expensive for what it is.

Overall Reaction:  It’s a lovely little toy, not too annoying. However there isn’t a lot too it so doesn’t keep her attention for long. You would need more than one for it to be more exciting.

Nice little stocking filler.

By Carol

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