Everything’s Rosie, The Greatest Show in the Garden & other stories DVD

Product: Everything’s Rosie, The Greatest Show in the Garden & other stories  DVD 

Price: £6.99

Available from: Amazon and other DVD retailers

Suitable from: Aimed at 3-6 year olds

Initial reaction: We enjoy watching the show on cBeebies, so we’re excited to hear that there’s a DVD coming out soon.  The actual disc contains 13 episodes and we were sent a sample disc of 6 shows.Rosie is a bubbly and positive role model. Together with her friends, they have fun adventures learning important life lessons along the way, and understand the importance of friends.


  • Great value at £6.99 for 13 episodes.
  • I haven’t watched all 13, but the 6 we were sent were greatly enjoyed by my (nearly)4 year old daughter.  As we’d expect from the TV show, they are bright, lively and positive stories.
  • Teaches life skills and lessons.
  • Positive female role model and other strong characters.



Value for money? Yes

Overall reaction: My daughter loved the sample DVD we were sent, and watched all 6 back to back!  Her favourite was “Things that go Glug in the night”.  Rosie and Wraggles are kept awake by a strange rumbling noise, so they go off to discover where it’s coming from.  Bluebird is frightened but pretends he isn’t and together with Big Bear they set off to see Oakley to see if he can shed any light on the mystery.  They’re in for a surprise, but manage to not only track down the noise, but fix it too!

By Liz

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