Loreal Excellence Creme from Concord Extra

Loreal Excellence Creme.
Available from: Concord Extra
Initial Reaction: I chose Rich Auburn as I love red hair and have always fancied myself as a red head. The colour on the box looked just the ticket.
Pro’s:This product promises to cover grey hair, fortunately I don’t have any grey yet but if I did this would be a definite pro.
Con’s:The dye comes with a comb applicator, which I have to say wasn’t massively effective. Initially I gave it a go but it wouldn’t go through my hair which is particularly thick. So in the end I just squirted it on my hair and rubbed it in, this worked fine.
Value for money:I think this is reasonable value for a perminant hair dye.
Overall Reaction:I love the colour ! I have already had loads of compliments. I found it easy to apply and extremely effective. I would definatly recommend this hair dye.

Concord Extra have a huge range of products at really good prices.

By Ella 

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