Tasty Little Numbers Calorie Controlled Snacks and Hot meals

 Tasty Little Numbers Portion Controlled Snacks & Hot Meals                             

Price: See stockists for individual prices.

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Suitable from:  Adult

Initial Reaction:  I received a lovely box of various snacks and meals. Nice packaging and easy to read calorie count.


  • Calories are rounded up. No half numbers.
  • Ambient meals, so no need to refrigerate.
  • Good range of flavours.


  • Have to buy in bulk

Value for money?       Good

Overall Reaction:  The whole family tried the selection of crisps, chocolate and meals, and we liked all of them.

I let my (poor student) son take some home with him and I got a text to tell me he’d tried the chilli and  asking if there was  anything they did that wasn’t nice.

They’re perfect for anyone dieting or just trying to cut down, with meals only 200 calories, although they aren’t very big, so need bulking out a bit with vegetables.

The crisp snacks had loads of flavour and are 100 calories a pack.

The chocolate bars are quite big and are also 100 calories, although they’re more like crispy cereal covered in chocolate.

Overall my family gave all the products in the range a big thumbs up

By Sarah

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