Sweetcorn Bites

Sweetcorn Bites

Price:  £2.49

Available from: Ocado

Initial Reaction: We love sweetcorn in our house but we rarely eat it outside of the summer when sweetcorn in season


  • Grown, picked and packed in the UK
  • Handy sized bits perfect for little hands (and big ones), my one year old daughter absolutely loves these and so does my son.
  • Can be microwaved in the bag, so quick and easy to cook, although can be steamed, boiled etc too.
  • Contain no artificial ingredients no GMO nuts or gluten .
  • Can be frozen if you wish, means you have handy sized corn on the cob to steam for the kids tea.
  • Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed eating these. They are fun and tasty and a good way of getting veg into them.
  • Good quality, didn’t have a bad piece, kept in the fridge for several days and was still ok.
  • Website has some useful resources and recipes coming soon.


  • Can work out a little expensive compared to frozen sweet corn but to other fresh sweet corn it is cheaper and they are British.

Value for money? Yes, for fresh good quality sweet corn that is grown here in the UK I would pay this. Especially when it gets a bit warmer and we can have a BBQ!

Overall Reaction:

I thought these were a great idea, they are perfect for kids to hold and are fun for them to eat. I prefer to eat food in season as it usually tastes better and I love things that are British not imported so for me these are a winner all round.

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