Maternity Clothes Review: Wellicious Yoga Pants

I have been finding it hard to find nice and comfy maternity clothes. I don’t really like going up a size in normal clothes as I am already a size 16-18 and they just end up making you like you are wearing a tent.

The very nice people at Wellicious offered me the chance the review their popular Yoga Pants £65.95 and I jumped at the chance. Now I know I don’t actually do yoga but I was looking for some comfortable trousers to wear around the house especially on days I am working as it involves as lot of sitting down so I need clothes that don’t dig in the bump.

I choose a pair in Merlot but there are 10 colours to choose from.

They are really, really comfy to wear. The band covers my bump completely but it’s not tight at all. I am short and even in the normal length that were a big long but they didn’t bother me the cuff at the bottom stops them draping on the floor.

I could image they are really nice to wear when do Yoga as they have some stretch in them and I don’t feel restricted in them at all.

I love their sizing XL is eXtra Luxurious!

Wellicious have a lovely range of maternity and non-maternity clothes. Well worth checking out.


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  1. fancy

    Good article.I’m sure every pregnant woman must have worn yoga pants at some point in that 9 months.I got some good maternity collection online from morph maternity and they are affordable.

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