Dress to Express

Expecting to be breastfeeding my child I was kindly sent some breastfeeding clothing to try out when my baby was born. However as you know things didn’t go to plan and I found myself expressing several times a day. The thing about expressing much like breastfeeding you want to access your breasts quickly and easily and breastfeeding clothes are perfect for this!

Breastvest Nursing Top from More 4 Mums

This is a great top as you can wear it under normal tops which mean you don’t need a whole new wardrobe to breastfeed or express in. The top it cut extra low to allow access to your breast while the bottom is extra-long to cover your tummy. You just lift your top up and pop baby or breast pump on and you are not exposing your tummy, which I rather like to keep cover especially post birth.


Such a simple but effective item of clothing

Its comes in black and white and it £14.99


On a tight budget and can’t afford specialist nursing tops? Invest in a Mamascarf for when you are out and about.  The Mamascarf allows your breastfeed discreetly is you so wish keeping you and baby covered up.  You can still see your baby and maintain eye contact with them. The scarf helps support the baby and it even has a secret pocket for your breast pads.

I found this really handy with pumping as I could keep covered up when we had unexpected visitors (the inlaws just walk in) and when I got a knock at the door the scarf would keep me decent without having to rush to cover up.

The Mamascarf is £17.99 comes in a selection and colours and you can use it as a normal scarf once you are no longer nursing.

Bibee Dresses

I reviewed this as a maternity dress but it doubles as a nursing dress. Actually that is the beauty of this dress as it can be used for a long time.

The dress comes with a bibee (bib) which you attach to the dress with buttons; you can then undo one side to breastfeed or pump in my case while staying covered up.

You can mix and match the Bibees and dresses in fact since my review they have launched a longer style which I love and some stunning Bibees including some limited edition prints.

bibee dress

It’s a really versatile dress and I am still wearing now even though I am no longer pregnant or expressing.

Dresses start from £145



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