My Essential Items for Mums this Summer

I have already shared my essential items for kids this summer. We mustn’t forget ourselves mums!

Here are my essential items for us mums

Sun Cream

As mums we are often guilty of slapping the sun cream on the children but forgetting ourselves.  I burn really badly so I am just careful with my skin as I am with the girls.

I use Boots Soltan All Day Cream for my face. It doesn’t block your pores like standard sun cream, I use it instead of face cream during the summer. For the rest of my body I use Reinman P20 it’s like oil but it’s not greasy. I like it as it’s an all-day protection, allowing you to get a little colour but you don’t burn.

With these I slap them on in the morning and don’t have to worry for the rest of the day.

Keep Hydrated

Running around after the kids can be thirsty work. How many times have you packed a drink for the kids but forgot yourself?

OH recently bought me a Brita Water Filter bottle to take on the school run as it’s now a half hour walk for me. Its fab! I don’t really like the taste of tap water and keep a jug of filtered water the in the fridge so this is perfect to take out with me. It holds a decent amount of water.

Big Sunglasses

I like big sunglasses for many reasons such as I find they give better coverage from the sun and the also hide a multitude of sins. My friend Super Amazing Mum once told me the greatest tip, when you are looking rough pop on a big pair of sunglasses and slap on some red lipstick and you will look glam. You have no idea how often I do this!

Summer Bag

You need a good sturdy bag for summer that you pack full of sun cream, drinks and snacks but still looks great. I had a little search online and this is my favourite.

Songbird Canvas Messenger Bag by Edition

Songbird Canvas Messenger Bag


A little while ago I asked on twitter would you disown me if I wore Crocs. I can’t repeat what they said.

I then showed them the picture and asked them even if they looked like this?

They all changed their minds. They are really comfy to wear even the wedges which I was a little worried about. The have the same insole as standard Crocs which make the comfy. I have to say the pink really isn’t my colour but they great for in and out of the garden.

I have it good authority that Cheeky Shoes are also very comfy which is good as I bought myself 4 pairs this week!

What?? They have a sale on they are £5 a pair.

What are your essential summer items mums?

 I was sent the Crocs to review. The rest of the items I purchased myself apart from the bag which is on my wish list!

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