Teething Help from Munchkin

We have hit teething in this house. Thankfully Little Miss doesn’t seem to be struggling as bad as BG did but she is still a bit grumpy. She wants to chew on things constantly including my finger which was fine until her first tooth came through and now she just bites me.

Munchkin kindly sent me Little Miss some of their teething range to chomp on.

She was sent:




Fun Ice ™ Ring Teether

This is brilliant just pop it in the fridge to cool it down. The coldness and textures really help with the pain. Little Miss loves to chew on this.

Twisty™ Barbell Teether

Little Miss likes this one the most, even though she does hit herself on the end with it! She is fascinated with the rings on it and keeps trying to get the ends in her mouth.

Twisty™ Figure 8 Teether

BG keeps nicking this one! She likes twisting around and making it into a figure 8. Little Miss has worked this out yet but loves to chew on the different textures.

Munchkin has a good range of teething toys and they are all BPA free.  They also have a range of feeding products (I have my eye on a suction bowl), bath toys, cups and baby care products.

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