Review: Heinz Baby Breakfast Range

Heinz has launched some new products in their baby breakfast range and Little Miss was sent some to test out.

Heinz Breakfast

We received the breakfast pots of Banana and Apple Muesli, Creamy Oaty Porridge, Very Berry Porridge 6m+ £1.19 for 2 pots. A box of Creamy Oaty Porridge 4m+ £2.15 and Breakfast Biscotti Biscuits 6m+ £1.99.

The breakfast range has added nutrients and vitamins and are full of goodness.

It’s important for children as well as adults to have a varied diet and it’s nice to have a range of different options for Little Miss to try.

What Little Miss Liked:

  • Banana and Apple Museli
  • Very Berry Porridge
  • Breakfast Biscotti Biscuits without milk

What Little Miss Didn’t Like:

  • Creamy Oaty Porridge Pot
  • Creamy Oaty Porridge Cereal
  • Breakfast Biscotti Biscuit with Milk

Little Miss likes a bit of fruit or jam in her porridge so found the plain pots a bit bland. She didn’t seem to like the texture of the creamy oaty cereal which you make with hot water or the biscuits crumbled down with milk.

I have to admit I couldn’t bring myself to give her a biscuit for breakfast but they make a great snack. They come in very handy when she was teething.

On the whole I found the breakfast easy to use and it did make breakfast a little quicker on those days when we were in a rush and BG didn’t want porridge as I would normally make a big batch. They are very convenient to have around and perfect for holidays or trips.

I really like that there are no added sugars and have added vitamins to them.

The Heinz Baby range is available at Boots, Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons.

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