Series 9 Moshi Monsters Countdown: 9

Its time to hello to….



Name and Species

Pipsi the Fizzical Phewberry

Personality: Obsessive, driven, energetic.

Mini Bio

Ready for a workout? Good because Fizzical Phewberries are obsessed with keeping fit. Whether it’s star jumps at breakfast time, push-ups in the park or touching toes at teatime, these sweet Moshlings are always encouraging the citizens of Monstro City to stay active.

Habitat: You’ll always find a few Fizzical Phewberries working out in Bubba’s Gym but they are rumoured to come from Cardiofornia.

Likes: Star jumps and exercise videos.

Dislikes: Sitting around and carbs before bedtime.

Rank: 158

Rarity: Ultra Rare

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