Review: Me&i Spring/summer Collection

As you probably know by now are big fans of me&i. Their clothes are stylish, so comfy and are long lasting. BG, Little Miss and I were all sent a piece of clothing from the new season range.

BG and I both received super cute dresses.

BG has the blossom tunic £25.

Blossom Tunic

It looks really cute and BG looks fab in it. She has worn it to parties and on days out. It’s really wearable in all situations. It’s pretty enough to worn as a party dress but durable to worn out and about or playing in the park.

The ruffles are so gorgeous and because of the way it’s made as she gets bigger she can wear it as a tunic with leggings.

I was sent the waves long dress £60.

Waves dress

I wore it on a day out to London with BG. Yes she has her dress on! It was so comfy to wear all day. The small slits at the bottom of dress means you can walk up stairs without it restricting your legs. I love the little sleeves as I have awful arms and like to cover them up. It hangs just right to cover all my lumps and bumps. The sizes are quite generous I got an XL but I think a L would have fitted perfectly.

This will get a lot of use in the summer!

Little Miss was sent a pair of pants with cat in pocket £21.


These are the cutest pair of trousers I have ever seen. The cat’s head comes out of one pocket and its tale out of the other. Little Miss keeps saying ‘cat cat’ when she wears them.

Apart from looking great they are well thought out. The waist is adjustable and the cuffs at the bottom can be turned up. This means that Little Miss will get a lot of wear out of them as when she grows I can just let them out.  They are generous around the bum area to allow space for nappies.

All three items have been washed and tumbled dried and they came out looking perfect with no shrinkage at all.

If you are looking for summer clothes for you or the kids I would highly recommend me&i. They are such great value for money. BG has a few bits now that she has grown out of but they are such great good condition that they have been put up for Little Miss.

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