Pram Glam with Persil Non-Bio & Grace Woodward


During the Summer I was invited to a Pram Glam event with Persil Non Bio. It aim was to show us great ways to feel like yourself after having a baby using some top fashion tips from Grace Woodward.

One of the things people forget to tell you about having a baby is that period afterwards where your maternity clothes no longer fit right but your body is not ready to fit into your pre pregnancy clothes. To be fair it’s not something new mums are bothered about right at the very beginning but when things start to calm down about 3 months in a lack of flattering and practical clothes can be quite disheartening.  I really struggled after having BG, I was never a small lady but my stomach after a c section was terrible and I haven’t been able to wear proper jeans since.

What I needed was stylist Grace Woodward to share her wonderful insight with me.  Grace shared with us some great tips on out to feel glam but practical at the sometime, especially for those that are breast feeding. Having not long had her baby she was the perfect person to host the event.

“Having had my little boy six months ago, I have struggled with the overhaul my wardrobe needed to help me look and feel great. I’ve compiled these style tips as I want mums to give themselves some attention too, so that they can celebrate their bodies and this new chapter in their live.  After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than self-confidence and the joy that comes from being a new mum.” Grace Woodward

Her tips were great and even though my baby is now 20 months *sobs* they apply to me as well.

My favourite ones were:

The Wrap Dress.  

Silky fabrics are great when your skin feels delicate and sensitive and should be the perfect treat item for your new wardrobe. Pick a patterned dress to hide spills and choose a wrap style for ease when breast feeding

I love wrap dresses they are really flattering for most body shapes. I need a few more for autumn.

The Patterned Scarf.

Although you may think that block colours will ensure all eyes are on you, they are actually fantastically complementary. Pair with a patterned scarf for a chic look that will hide stains (which are bound to end up around your neck just as you leave the house…)

I have a large collection scarves and I love wearing them.  They keep me warm, cover my wobbly bits and make a good cloth when your child needs a wipe!

We saw the tips in action and some lovely new mums  modelled some outfits for us while I sipped champagne! It’s a hard life I know.



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I came away with some great advice ( as you can see I need it!) and a lovely scarf. A big thank you to Persil Non-bio and Grace Woodward.

You can download your own copy of the Pram Glam guide which has all the tips in it here.


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