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Tasty Little Numbers Calorie Controlled Snacks and Hot meals

 Tasty Little Numbers Portion Controlled Snacks & Hot Meals                             

Price: See stockists for individual prices.

Available from:  Amazon

Suitable from:  Adult

Initial Reaction:  I received a lovely box of various snacks and meals. Nice packaging and easy to read calorie count. Continue reading

Vicks Comfort Flex Digital Thermometer

Product: Vicks Comfort Flex Digital Thermometer      

Price: Around £9.99

Available from: Amazon & Chemists

Suitable from:  Birth

Initial Reaction: The thermometer didn’t look any different to any other thermometer Continue reading

Little Old Lady Recipes – Cookbook

Product: Little Old Lady Recipes   

Price: £9.99

Available from: Amazon

Initial Reaction: I was surprised at the tiny size of this book, but on my first flick through, there seemed to be a lot packed into it Continue reading

Mookie Whirlee Ride-On

Mookie Whirlee ride-on

Price: £16.99

Available from:  Amazon, ELC and other retailers

Suitable from: 12 months – 4 years

Initial Reaction:  I could not believe how light the delivery box was – it felt empty. On unpacking the parcel I encountered a lovely blue plastic ride on with aeroplanes along the side, with wheels that turned 360° and a handle at the front to hold onto.  My son instantly knew what to do with it but insisted on sitting on it backwards.  It is light enough for him to pick up and carry about, something that he preferred doing to riding it.  The problem was that he had recently been given another ride-on to look at and he preferred the one with steering.  I was a little disappointed in his lack of interest in it because to me it looked a great toy so I gave it to his little friend Eva instead.

She absolutely loves it, took t it straight away and takes it everywhere, she spins round and round and loves how it fits into all the tight spots and swirls in every direction.  She walks around pulling it a lot too and her Mum loves how she has learnt how to co-ordinate her legs to make it properly work.

Pros: It’s ultra lightweight, so you or your child can carry it with ease.  It spins all the way around and is small and tidy in its design so is ideal if you don’t have much space in your house.  It’s stackable, so if you have lots of children they can be stacked away neatly.

Cons:  It’s not really and off-roader.

Value for money? Definitely.

Overall Reaction: A great compact and lightweight fun toy.

By Catherine

Jumbo Connect 4

Product: Jumbo Connect 4 

Price:  £99.00

Available from:   Garden Games

Suitable from:   No age specified.

Score out of 5:  5/5

Initial Reaction: Smaller than I thought it would be. Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll Drum from Chicco

Rock ‘n’ Roll Drum from Chicco 

Price:  rrp £24.99 ( Cheapest found £13.00 from amazon)

Available from:  amazon, Baby & Co

Suitable from:  6 months +

Initial Reaction:  Great!  A brand new toy for my two boys to play with that in addition to playing music, also has flashing lights too…it doesn’t get much better to keep them amused and occupied. Continue reading

Aromatherapy Associates overnight repair mask

Aromatherapy Associates overnight repair mask      

Price: £46

Available from:  Aromatherapy Associates

Suitable from: Adult

Initial Reaction:  I have used Aromatherapy Associates products before so I was looking forward to trying more.  The brand is sheer luxury and this product lived up to my expectations in every way. Continue reading