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5 Copies of Lazy Daisy Jazz for Babies to Be Won

Lazy Daisy  run lovely antenatal and baby massage and yoga classes.

Founder Julie Longs says:

We are not here to tell you ‘how to’ or what is right or wrong for you – but rather to help you discover an array of holistic techniques which can sit equally comfortably in any birth situation. From 4-hour natural labours at home, to mums feeding back on their increased confidence and feelings of empowerment during an assisted delivery, we have an array of past birthing stories  …..  any birth choice or parenting style is respected, because you know your body and your baby best!  We can even help you relax at home, with some lovely on-site relaxation samples from our antenatal classes and now a wonderful and unique calming CD for babies produced in collaboration with UK record label Jazz for Babies – simply luscious!

Classes can be found in Brighton, West Cheshire, Darlington and many other areas. To find a class close to you visit their find a class page.

Lazy Daisy also offers training so you can run your own classes.

I have 5 copies of their Jazz for Babies CD to giveaway.

Julie has handpicked each of the 20 tracks and has a special message with each one. It so lovely and calming for babies.

To enter just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below.

Closing Date: 16th October 2013

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Baby Products We Are Loving This Month {August}

It’s amazing how much stuff babies seem to have. OK so they probably don’t need it all but sometimes I can’t help myself. I thought going forward I would share the products we are loving each month. Some have been sent to us and others we have bought ourselves ( bloggers do actually buy things).

So here is what we are loving this month:

Little Miss is being baby led weaned which is so much easier than the purees we did with BG. One of the upsides is you need very little to actually do it. However there are a few items that make life a little easier.

Bibs! BLW is very, very messy. As the weather is warm I often strip her down but there are times a bib comes in handy. My favourite are the wipe down bibs, cloth bibs just get stained. We were sent a Jake Giraffe  Bibsili £6.99 from to try out.

Little Miss has a fascination with Giraffes so it was a big hit with her straight away.  There are several  features I like about this:

  • It’s easy to clean. It even goes in the dishwasher
  • The crumb catcher. Little has already worked out how to get food out if it.
  • The adjustable neck, there are three different notches on it

These bibs are must when weaning. They come in different designs.

Another must is the MAM Dipper Set. It’s a spoon and fork set which has a little shield on it to stop them sticking it too far down their throats. This means Little Miss can feed herself yogurt and porridge.  She mastered using it very quickly and gets very excited when she sees it coming out of the draw.

MAM also sent me a feeding bowl which is spilt in two sections and comes with a lid handy for at home and for taking food about.  We also received some teething products which came just in time.

The Bite and Relax Phase Two is great for gnashing on, it has 4 different surfaces and just right for little hands. It comes with its own transportation box which can be used for sterilising.

The Mini Coolers are also a great product, just pop them in the fridge and then let your baby go at them. I love that it comes with a little strap and clip perfect for on the go.

Teething powders are a must in this house. I mainly used Aston and Parsons when BG was teething but they are very hard to get hold of now so I use Nelson Teetha powders and they work really well.  I find they calm Little Miss down and she is a happier baby. I have also been using them with BG who is having problems with her teeth and had an abscess recently and they helped her as well. I buy mine at Boots but they are available in most chemist and supermarkets.

Product Details


Solar Eclipse Sunshade from Diono £13.99 . I must for any trip in the car that pesky sun gets in Little Miss’s eyes. It has two layers one is a total blackout for extra sunny days and then you can just have to bottom layer which lets a little light through.

I was sent some Baby Eye Care wipes from TLC to try out. Little Miss gets a little bit of hay fever when the grass is cut and I found these wipes really gentle and helped soothed her eyes when we were out and about. I have also been using them as I have had really sore and watering eyes this year and they have been a life saver when out. The wipes sooth but stop my eyes drying out and getting sore which happens when I keep wiping them.

I like that they come individually wrapped you can pop a few in your bag.

The biggest hit at the moment is Little Miss’s Fisher Price Jumperoo. BG was bought a trampoline so I decided Little Miss needed something, so a few months ago I bought one from Sainsbury’s.  She liked being in there but wasn’t overly excited but in the last month it’s been the source of a lot of giggles.  She loves jumping around and worked out how to spin it and loves to play with the different toys.  I am really glad we invested in it. It can be adjusted to three heights and she is on the lowest at the moment so she has room to grow.

What are you loving this month?







Great Gifts for Newborn’s and New Parents

Little Miss turned 6 months last week!! With that and the royal birth it got me to thinking about great gifts for newborn babies and new parents.

Personally I like a mix of practical and keepsakes.

Here are my picks:

Snoozebaby Sleeping Bag from Kids One Stop Shop

Pale Pink 3-9 months Sleeping Bag

We use sleeping bags with Little Miss and also used them with BG. Both my girls are kickers so this way I know they are well covered at night. Also with sleeping bags they can’t slip under the covers and suffocate themselves.

I really like this Snoozebaby one because of the tags on it, Little Miss has a thing for tags and she loves holding them as she goes to sleep. I also love the long sleeves which means her arms are kept warm when its cold. In this hot weather she has been wearing a vest and then this and she sleeps really well. It washes and dries well, its kept it shape after tumble drying and on the line.

Taggie Blankets £8 for two from Homemade by Little Me on Etsy 

Taggie Very Hungry Caterpillar Fabric Minky toddler comforter Lovey taggy Etsy UK

I actually bought these myself after realizing Little Miss loves tags. I had a look online and found this Etsy shop. She makes them using funky fabrics such as a very hungry caterpillar, Dr Seuss and mustaches!

I have a very hungry caterpillar and a owl one for Little Miss. They are really well made and the minky backing is super soft. I also think the price is brilliant.

Baby Bellissima Elephant Money Box from Hallmark

Both the girls have money boxes. I think its important they learn to save up for things and money boxes help. While they are very young once they are full up the money goes in the bank. BG is at the stage now where she saves up her pennies for things she wants or for her holiday.

Gifts Vouchers

I know this sounds impersonal but hear me out. Vouchers for photo canvass or food is brilliant. Its practical and thoughtful. When my sister had her c/section I bought them vouchers for Cook who make gorgeous frozen meals.  That way they didn’t have to worry about meals and focus on being parents.


Offer to do the cooking or cleaning for them. Trust me that’s a life saver. Do a load of washing or bring around a meal. Have a cuddle with baby while mum and dad have a nap or have showers its the little things that really mean the most.

Muslin Squares and Burping Bibs

You can never have enough of these. I’ve had ones from John Lewis and Aldi and they were both great quality. They can be used for some many things.

I also have a cute one from Billion Dollar Kid sent to me from Kids One Stop Shop and once its available to buy I will share it with you.

Play Mats

I have a good collection of these and they are always being used. I have a bit of a sicky baby so having spares is a must. The best are the ones you can fold up and take anywhere, double as a blanket and can be thrown in any wash.

I have one made for me from Petit Fromage who I happen to know. She also made a fantastic one for my friend who loved it. Contact Kelly who makes them to order so you can choose the fabric.

Ours is reversible.


We were sent a pair of these and they are awesome. Scratch mitts always fall off tiny hands but these don’t as you velcro them on, which means no more cold hands and stops them scratching them self.  They have a two-part signature closure system that keeps scratches and germs at bay while adjusting to fit as baby grows. They also have a reversible pattern which is perfect for their visual development.


SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats - Classic

Its no secret I love our snoozeshade. You can get them for the carseat, buggy or travel cot and they just make life so much easier. These really are a must for all parents.

What is your perfect newborn or new parent gift?

I was sent a sample of  Babysnooze sleeping bag, money box and Guavamitts for free. All opinions are my own. 

Review: Miffy Baby Gifts

The very lovely people at Miffy sent Little Miss some gifts.

She was sent

Miffy Gifts

Miffy Cute as a Button Squeaker £6.99

This is a really cute little bunny with a great squeaker in it. Her face lights up when we squeak it for her. She also likes to eat the ears at the moment.

Miffy Baby Chime Ball in Baby Pink £7.99

Little Miss loves this ball, we have tied it to her play gym and it’s the first thing she goes for. It has a gentle chime ball inside and she loves making it chime. It is nice and soft. You can tie it to the pram or cot as well as any play gyms.

Miffy Ball

Miffy Hooded Towel

Little Miss was sent the hooded towel from the Bath care collection £10.99, she is too young for the body wash that comes with it. The towel is really good quality and soft. It washes really well with no shrinkage

Any of these products would make great gifts for a new baby. Visit the Miffy Shop to see their full range of Miffy products.

Thank you Miffy for our gifts.



Review: BornFree Gift Set

We were sent a BornFree Gift Set  £32.99 to try out. The set includes:

•             2 x 160ml Classic Bottles

•             2 x 260ml Classic Bottles

•             2 x level 3 Teats

•             1 x Formula Dispenser

•             1 Twister Bottle Brush Set

I had never used Born Free bottles with BG so was interested to see what this are like. They are BPA free and have an air vent system to reduce colic.


  • BPA free
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Air vent system
  • Come with bottle washers
  • Milk pot great for when you are out and night feeds


  • Not enough No 1 teats. We use the large bottles even though she doesn’t take a full bottle and it only comes with 2 teats.
  • Not available as easily as other brands. You can get them from Summer and Kiddicare in store. I had to drive 30 mins to get teats or order online.

I like using these bottles and will continue to do so I just wish they were available more widely.

The BornFree range includes glass bottles, toddler cups and teethers. You can find the full range online at Summer.

Milton Range

The Milton Range 

Price:  From £2.13 upwards

Available from: Widely available from supermarkets

Initial Reaction:  Although life with children is hectic, there’s something so satisfying about having a clean (and germ free) home; it just feels a better place to live in.

When the Milton Range arrived I was excited at the prospect of packing off my twins for a few hours and giving these products my undivided attention, and there’s was a lot to go at – Sterilising Fluid, Sterilising Tablets, a Sterilising Unit, Antibacterial Surface Wipes, Antibacterial Surface Spray, Antibacterial Fabric Solution and Antibacterial Hand Gel.  Thankfully, the products came with some very comprehensive ‘at a glance’ information so I could quickly decipher what product was best for what.

Before testing, I had heard of Milton and knew that it had been around for many years (over 60 to be exact) but it never grabbed me as a brand.  It’s rather silly to align cleaning products with being sexy but when perusing the supermarket shelves it didn’t ever stand out.  I had always thought it looked a little too clinical without much (excuse the pun) sparkle.  Continue reading

Quack Quack Moo Maxi Gift Set For Girls

Quack QuacK Moo maxi gift set for girls

Price : £34.99
Available from : QuackQuackMoo
Suitable From: Birth

Initial Reaction: When the parcel arrived through my door it was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with lovely red ribbons. It contained a soft purple fleece , a cow pattern bib and cow pattern burp cloth. It really was a treat to look at so would make a lovely gift for a new mom.