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What Type of Boobies Do You Have?

Today on one of my mummy groups, mummies were celebrating their Breastfeeding Awards.  I thought this was a wonderful idea and wanted to celebrate with you all.1boobie

Breastfeeding is hard work, tiring and also surrounded with pressures and every single day that you manage to breastfeed your baby should be celebrated.  I have had so many problems with Logan, from him being a sleepy feeder, the hospital refusing to discharge me unless I combined fed and more recently I was given medication  that meant Logan couldn’t drink my milk for 7 days.  Through all this I have persevered and am celebrating 10 months of breastfeeding this week!

Well done mummies, keep up the hard work xx


Why Breastfeeding Awareness Weeks Makes Me Sad

This week is Breastfeeding Awareness Week which a great thing, mums and mums to be need to know there is support and advice out there for them. However when I see the tweets and the FB statuses about it all it does is remind me that I couldn’t breastfeed my children and its makes me feel sad and guilty.

I have written previously about my experience with my girls. Neither of them would breastfeed, I expressed as long I could so they they both have some breastmilk. I know I did my best but it still doesn’t stop me feeling guilty that I couldn’t last longer or maybe tried harder to get them to fed from me.

Sometimes the guilt all but eats me alive. Then I get angry that twice I failed to breastfeed my daughters. I find myself defending myself for formula feeding them, even at times when it’s not necessary. I feel people are judging me, my guilt making me paranoid.

I try to bury these feelings but every now and then they rear their ugly heads.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing but not everyone can do it whether that is physical or mental reason. I find we are spilt into two camps ready to battle when it shouldn’t be like that. We are mothers and should be supporting each other no matter what.

I take comfort in the fact that I have two happy and healthy girls, even if I couldn’t breastfeed them.

Doesn’t stop me feeling a bit sad this week.

Clothing Review: Babes with Babies

Babes with Babies was launched in 2006 by Sophie Devonshire following the birth of her daughter. Babes with Babies have a wonderful selection of maternity and nursing clothes alongside some great gifts for new mums.

They kindly sent me the Magic Maxi Breastfeeding Dress £105 in Berry to test out. It came beautifully packaged. They really know how to make a mum feel special.


This is how I look in it!

babes with babies

I really like this dress I am not normally a pink girl but I love the deep colour. I particularly like the small sleeves I get really hot but also have large arms I like to cover so these are just perfect. Its made of soft jersey so it hangs just right on you and is super soft.

I wore it on Wednesday on the school run and it felt so comfy to wear pushing the pram and trying to stop a scooting BG run into the road.

It’s a great day dress with flat shoes or sandals but you can easily dress it up with heels for a night out.  The top has easy access for breastfeeding or expressing.

I only got to wear this for half a day as I stupidly spilled pasta sauce down me while preparing dinner. I quickly got some stain remover on it and popped in a cool, quick wash and it came out *phew*. It lined dried for a while and then it started to rain so I finished drying it in the tumble drier. There was no shrinkage and I hung it up straight away so it doesn’t need ironing!

This dress will be worn a lot over the summer!

If you are looking for maternity or nursing clothes then visit Babes with Babies for a little bit of luxury.


Dress to Express

Expecting to be breastfeeding my child I was kindly sent some breastfeeding clothing to try out when my baby was born. However as you know things didn’t go to plan and I found myself expressing several times a day. The thing about expressing much like breastfeeding you want to access your breasts quickly and easily and breastfeeding clothes are perfect for this!

Breastvest Nursing Top from More 4 Mums

This is a great top as you can wear it under normal tops which mean you don’t need a whole new wardrobe to breastfeed or express in. The top it cut extra low to allow access to your breast while the bottom is extra-long to cover your tummy. You just lift your top up and pop baby or breast pump on and you are not exposing your tummy, which I rather like to keep cover especially post birth.


Such a simple but effective item of clothing

Its comes in black and white and it £14.99


On a tight budget and can’t afford specialist nursing tops? Invest in a Mamascarf for when you are out and about.  The Mamascarf allows your breastfeed discreetly is you so wish keeping you and baby covered up.  You can still see your baby and maintain eye contact with them. The scarf helps support the baby and it even has a secret pocket for your breast pads.

I found this really handy with pumping as I could keep covered up when we had unexpected visitors (the inlaws just walk in) and when I got a knock at the door the scarf would keep me decent without having to rush to cover up.

The Mamascarf is £17.99 comes in a selection and colours and you can use it as a normal scarf once you are no longer nursing.

Bibee Dresses

I reviewed this as a maternity dress but it doubles as a nursing dress. Actually that is the beauty of this dress as it can be used for a long time.

The dress comes with a bibee (bib) which you attach to the dress with buttons; you can then undo one side to breastfeed or pump in my case while staying covered up.

You can mix and match the Bibees and dresses in fact since my review they have launched a longer style which I love and some stunning Bibees including some limited edition prints.

bibee dress

It’s a really versatile dress and I am still wearing now even though I am no longer pregnant or expressing.

Dresses start from £145



Review: Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

A little while ago I wrote about my struggles with breastfeeding and how I was expressing milk to feed Little Miss. I was chatting on twitter about it and how I was using a hand pump and Medela came to my rescue and sent me the Freestyle to use.


Hand pumps are great if you are not pumping regularly but when you are trying to express as often as I had to an electric pump is the only way to do it.

Medela know their stuff when it comes to breast pumps and have been helping mums for years. The Freestyle is a double breast pump and research has shown that double pumping has huge benefits.

An obvious benefit of expressing milk from both breasts simultaneously is that it’s twice as fast and therefore leaves more time with the baby. But Medela’s latest research has revealed some other major advantages that further support the decision to double pump. Possibly the most noteworthy finding was that when mums are double pumping, rather than single pumping, they can get up to 18% more milk to feed to their little one.

I started off single pumping to get used to using an electric pump, it’s really simple to use. You attach the pump to your breast ensuring your nipple is in the shield correctly, you then switch it on and the first phase begins. The first phase is a quick fast pump to get your milk flowing, once it is you then switch over to phase two which is a longer, slower pump. These phases mimic what your baby does when they are feeding.

You can adjust the strength of the pumps and once you figure out your flow you can set the phase so they happen automatically.

Single pumping is easy it’s the double pumping I really struggled with. I found it hard initially with two pumps to hold them and press the buttons on the unit. I had to buy a hands free bra to help me as I just couldn’t do it. I found I still had to hold the pumps on my breasts as they become blocked when I didn’t support the breast but it really helped with the start up.

Personally I didn’t find double pumping produce any more milk, actually single pumping worked best for me. I would alternate breasts every 10 minutes; however I do know other mums who found double pumping was best for them.

The Freestyle comes with:

  • 4 Storage Bottles
  • Cooler Bag
  • Travel Bag
  • Calma Teats

CityStyle Breastpump Bag

The Medela Freestyle is available from Amazon for £225.25 it will be the best money you ever spent.

The Freestyle was a godsend for me and allowed me to express for a lot longer than I thought I would be able to. Thank you so much Medela for sending it to me you have no idea how much it helped me.


When Your Child Won’t Breastfeed

Actually that should say when your children won’t breastfeed because BG didn’t either!

Stubborn like her sister

Stubborn like her sister

Little Miss is 6 weeks old today and for the past 6 weeks I have been expressing breast milk for her. I can’t produce enough so she I being fed formula as well. I knew breastfeeding wouldn’t be easy but I didn’t think I would have two children that won’t feed from me.

At least Little Miss will latch on to though she falls asleep as soon as she has and refuses to suck. BG would go near my breast in fact she would scream every time I or one of the midwives tried to get her to latch on. I tried for days to get her to breastfeed with the help of the midwife. At one point I had her trying to get a screaming BG to attach to one breast while an electric pump was trying to express something for me to give her. Eventually after BG lost over 10% of her birth weight and started to become jaundice we made the decision to move her on the formula. Once my milk came through I then expressed but only lasted two weeks.

It broke my heart that I couldn’t breastfeed my daughter and felt I had to constantly defend myself and explain why I was giving her formula. I never imaged that it would happen a second time.

Little Miss feed from both breasts for 10 minutes after she was born and I thought phew this time it will be a little easier, boy I was wrong. After a few hours’ sleep Little Miss had forgotten how to breastfeed and won’t just fall asleep on the breast, nothing we did could get her to take more than two sucks. The midwife showed me how to hand to express colostrum, so every 4 hours I would have skin to skin with Little Miss, try her on the breast and then hand express while a midwife or health worker syringed colostrum off my breast (oh the dignity) to feed her.

After 24 hours of doing this they were concerned about her blood sugar levels due to my diabetes so I decided to give her small amounts of formula to top her up until my milk came in and/or she decided to breastfeed.

So 6 weeks on and I am still expressing it’s not easy , though thanks to Medula who sent me an electric pump it’s been easier than last time as I have a manual pump. My milk is drying up and I know I won’t be able to carry on much longer. I gave myself a target of 6 weeks and part of my wants to stop as I find it tiring, time consuming and sometimes painful and the other part of me wants to make sure she has some breast milk even though it’s not a lot.

I feel guilty that I can’t feed my child myself and I have to be very careful that doesn’t take me to my dark place. I get paranoid when I am out feeding Little Miss that others are judging me for not breastfeeding my daughter and giving her formula.

I know in my heart I am doing the best I can for her but it doesn’t stop me feeling like a failure for a second time.

Baby Bargain Alert: closer to nature® Essentials Kit Half Price at Mothercare

The lovely people at Tommee Tippee have sent me a closer to nature® Essentials Kit ready for our new arrival. The kits is packed full of useful items perfect whether you breast or bottle feed.

Essentials Kit

When BG was born she wouldn’t breast feed so I expressed for two weeks and then she was a formula baby, my steriliser was used well throughout her 1st year.

The kits includes:

  • Electric Steam Steriliser – Sterilises in 5 minutes and stays sterilised for 24 hours.
  • Bottle warmer – Great little gadget
  • 4 260ml bottles
  • 4 150ml bottles
  • 2 insulated bottle carriers – Perfect for keeping bottles warm while you are out
  • 2 medium flow teats
  • 6 milk powder dispensers – Life savers especially on night feeds. I never made bottles up fully just the water and then add the milk powder later. Saves counting scoops when you have a screaming baby.
  • 1 bottle brush
  • 1 pair of teat tongs
  • 1 pure new born soother

This kit is usually £139.99 but you can get it Mothercare at the moment for £69.99 and it comes with free delivery or you can collect in store. That’s a bargain.

Offer ends Christmas

I will be doing a proper review once we start using this.