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Elimination Communication

nimI first heard the term Elimination Communication while I was pregnant with my son Logan.  I had read an article and thought “Well that will never work!”, but for some strange reason it stayed with me and I started to try it, just to see.

With EC, you are encouraged to listen to your baby and learn their cues for when they need to go.  The best time to start is from birth to 3 months as this is when they best communicate that they need the toilet as they haven’t gotten used to having a wet/dirty nappy on but you can start at any age.

The cues can include;

  • latching on and off when feeding
  • getting jiggly
  • crying or becoming more verbal
  • becoming very still
  • trumping

At this point you then hold them over a sink/potty so they can relieve themselves.

Unconsciously, we probably started around 5 weeks old.  I like Logan to have nappy free time and when I noticed he was getting grumpy, I would just pop a nappy on him and give him a feed.  This would normally consist of him latching on and off for a few minutes and then settling down to eat and fall asleep.  What I wasn’t realising was he was trying to tell me he needed the toilet.

Also after bathtime we would have skin-to skin while he fed and napped, and I started to notice that we never had any little accidents until he started to wake after his feed.

I consciously decided to really try EC after a really bad nappy rash outbreak.  I went out and bought a potty and kids bed mats and cleared my schedule for a few days.

I started off just watching him and noticing what he did before he needed a wee.  He had a few accidents and several changes of clothes but by the afternoon I had noticed a link between his grumpy wiggles and going for a wee; he had a desperation dance!

And if he wanted to poop then he would get smelly wind and become quite still.  When I spotted the signs I would sit him on the potty for upto 3-4 minutes and sing a potty song (Twinkle Twinkle but adapted by me).

By the end of the day I had managed to get 4 wees in the potty and I was so happy.  That was about 5 weeks ago now and while we are at home we are completely nappy free from when he wake up in the morning until bedtime, and his night time nappies are much drier too.  I hope as Logan gets older, and I become more confident, we will be able to go nappyless when we go out.

It’s common to keep babies under 12 months in nappies as a back up as accidents happen still.

Elimination communication has been an eye opening experience for me and I wish it was something that was more common knowledge.

Have you tried Elimination communication.


How I have Been Converted to Reusable Nappies.

I would like to introduce a new member to Parent Panel, say hello to Naomi!

Naomi happens to be my best friend and Mum to E who is 11 and L who is 7 months. Even though we are best friends we do have different parenting styles and I knew she would make a great addition to the team. 

So here is her very first post:

This week is “Real nappy” week and I thought I would share how I have been converted to reusable nappies.

It was a number of factors that finally gave me the push to switch.  Logan was suffering with really bad nappy rash and when he had a nappy on he was getting really bad leaks.  I had also read an article that real nappies helped EC babies as they were more aware when they were wet or dirty.

I must have spent at least a week researching different brands, comparing costs and reading different reviews before I finally decided on using gPants.


I bought a selection of 6 nappies in different colours,  some spare inserts and disposable liners and they arrived a few days later.  I have also since purchased some cloth liners and flushable cloth liners.

Depending on what I am doing or the time of day depends on what liner I use.  Cloth liners are best for short periods, disposable liners for longer times.

I chose gPants because they are good value, had great reviews and are easy to change.

Instead of changing the whole nappy, you only need to change the liner when wet, or the liner and insert if dirty.  This means a less bulky nappy bag when you go out.  They are easy to wash and quick to dry too.

As an added bonus, they are really colourful and stylish!  I often find myself checking out the limited edition page, justifying just one more outer pant.

I am really pleased I made the switch as I have not had any nappy explosions since switching to reusable, and we have not had any more nappy rash outbreaks either.

Some money saving tips I would like to share for reusable nappies are:

  1.  Check out if your local council offer an incentive for reusable nappies.  A lot of areas do offer this to help reduce landfill waste.
  2.  Instead of buying an expensive wet bag, I bought a cheap “bikini bag” from Primark for £2.
  3.  Check out Amazons “subscribe and save”, I have regular orders set up to ensure I never run out as I can be a bit of a scatterbrain and get the added bonus of discounts on my orders.



Review: Naty Nappies

At the end of last year I ran a giveaway to win a months supply of Naty Nappies. I was also sent a pack to test out on Little Miss.

I was keen to give them a try for many reasons.

  • They are authentically green, they are made from 70% biodegradable, renewable and natural materials
  • Authentically green, they are made from 70% biodegradable, renewable and natural materials
  • They contain a natural GM free cornstarch leakage barrier, which is as effective as plastic, yet allows baby’s skin to breathe, reducing the likelihood of nappy rash. It also keeps harmful bacteria and pathogens out.
  •  Industry tests show they perform on a par with the leading brands in leak protection and dryness
  • They are made from FSC and SSNC certified wood pulp
  • They have a unique drainage system which reduces the need for high levels of Super Absorbent Polymer chemicals currently used in standard disposable nappies
  • They are recommended by Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association and are 100% chlorine and fragrance free
  • They are at the same recommended retail price as the leading brands and are available from selected Tesco, Sainsbury, Boots, Mothercare, Waitrose stores and Ocado nationwide.
  • They can back up all their eco credentials

Nappies Size 3 Jumbo Pack

We gave them a try and I have to say they worked incredibly well.

They didn’t leak though I have to say the first time I went to change a wet one they felt really squidgy and I was expecting a leak but they never did.

Little Miss’s bottom stayed dry and nappy rash free.

We tried the size 3 and they were just right for her. The fit around the top of her legs was not too tight and the sealed well.

You get 32 or 52 nappies in a pack  and they are £6.88 or £9.32 which is 22p or 18p per nappy.  Which is cheaper than other branded nappies.

Even better they are on offer at Sainsbury’s at the moment!

We really liked these nappies they did what they were supposed to do, they are better for the environment and they are reasonably priced.

Thumbs Ups




Win a Weeks Supply of Naty Nappies





Naty by Nature Babycare has teamed up with Parent Panel to give away a week’s supply of eco disposable nappies to one lucky winner.

Designed to be healthier for your baby’s delicate skin than standard disposable nappies, Naty’s nappies contain a natural cornstarch leakage barrier which allows baby’s skin to breathe naturally whilst keeping them dry, causing less irritation, and protecting them from harmful bacteria and pathogens. Recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, the nappies are fragrance free and the pulp used is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). Healthier for the environment too, Naty’s disposable nappies are based on biodegradable and renewable materials, including FSC certified wood pulp.

Naty nappy Size 1

Naty are the UK’s greenest disposable nappies widely available on the high street.  Stockists: Waitrose, Ocado, Boots, Mothercare, Sainsbury, Tesco. RRP from £3.99 (depending on pack size). You can find out more about Naty here.

One winner will be selected, who will receive nappies in the correct size for their baby.

To enter follow the instructions in the rafflecopter widget below

Closing date: 31st December 2013

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Nappy Review: ASDA Little Angels New Arrivals

When BG was born I got sucked into branded nappies, I was sent lots of vouchers and thought ASDA Little Angels new Arrivals Mini Nappies - 42what a bargain. However when I started to compare the prices even with the discount it was clear to see that own brand nappies were cheaper to buy.  We started testing them and found that most were just as good if not better than branded nappies.

We use own brand nappies with Little Miss though we hadn’t tried the ASDA yet as there isn’t one near us. When they asked if we wanted to try them out we said a big yes.

We were sent a pack of Little Angels New Arrivals Mini Size 2. You get 42 Nappies for £3.55


  • Fitted well
  • No leakages
  • Stayed on
  • No drooping
  • Cheaper than branded nappies


  • OH thought that were too bulky, though that wasn’t a problem for me

Price wise against other supermarket brands they are comparable.

I like using these nappies; we had no issues with them. Little Miss was kept dry and they didn’t leak what else do you need from a nappy.

Supermarket branded nappies are the way forward.

Win a Pair of gPants & Inserts to Celebrate gNappies 25% Discount at Ocado

On the 1st February 2013, gNappies was officially launched in the UK, leading the way as the green pioneers of the industry. Aiming to change nappy changes all across Europe, Kim & Jason Graham-Nye launched gNappies in 2005 after discovering that it can take 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose in landfill and that disposables are the third largest single contributor to landfill, despite only being used by 5% of the population.

gNappies give parents an eco-friendly option, combining the ease of disposable nappies with the reusable nappy component normally found only in cloth nappies. In fact the only 100% certified fully biodegradable and compostable nappy around.  gNappies wet disposable inserts biodegrade in just 50-150 days in a garden compost.

Ocado have 25% gNappies until the 30th June 2013, to celebrate this I have a pair of gPants (£17.95) and a pack of Disposable inserts(£9.95) to giveaway. Great if you want to try cloth nappies for the first time.


Just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter widget below.

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Tommee Tippee Wrap & Go

 tommee tippee Wrap & Go  

Price:  From £ 4.99

Available from:  Widely available

Suitable from:  birth

Initial Reaction:  I was intrigued and really pleased to be testing the new Sangenic Wrap & Go system from tommee tippee as I’m constantly changing the nappies of my twins when out and about.  The design looked great and the nappy bags had a wonderful aroma, so I immediately found a home for it in my bag. Continue reading