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How I have Been Converted to Reusable Nappies.

I would like to introduce a new member to Parent Panel, say hello to Naomi!

Naomi happens to be my best friend and Mum to E who is 11 and L who is 7 months. Even though we are best friends we do have different parenting styles and I knew she would make a great addition to the team. 

So here is her very first post:

This week is “Real nappy” week and I thought I would share how I have been converted to reusable nappies.

It was a number of factors that finally gave me the push to switch.  Logan was suffering with really bad nappy rash and when he had a nappy on he was getting really bad leaks.  I had also read an article that real nappies helped EC babies as they were more aware when they were wet or dirty.

I must have spent at least a week researching different brands, comparing costs and reading different reviews before I finally decided on using gPants.


I bought a selection of 6 nappies in different colours,  some spare inserts and disposable liners and they arrived a few days later.  I have also since purchased some cloth liners and flushable cloth liners.

Depending on what I am doing or the time of day depends on what liner I use.  Cloth liners are best for short periods, disposable liners for longer times.

I chose gPants because they are good value, had great reviews and are easy to change.

Instead of changing the whole nappy, you only need to change the liner when wet, or the liner and insert if dirty.  This means a less bulky nappy bag when you go out.  They are easy to wash and quick to dry too.

As an added bonus, they are really colourful and stylish!  I often find myself checking out the limited edition page, justifying just one more outer pant.

I am really pleased I made the switch as I have not had any nappy explosions since switching to reusable, and we have not had any more nappy rash outbreaks either.

Some money saving tips I would like to share for reusable nappies are:

  1.  Check out if your local council offer an incentive for reusable nappies.  A lot of areas do offer this to help reduce landfill waste.
  2.  Instead of buying an expensive wet bag, I bought a cheap “bikini bag” from Primark for £2.
  3.  Check out Amazons “subscribe and save”, I have regular orders set up to ensure I never run out as I can be a bit of a scatterbrain and get the added bonus of discounts on my orders.



Are You Looking After Your Children’s Feet? #AD

Its really important to look after your children’s feet and keep them healthy from any early age. Do you know what you should be looking for in babies feet? or know how to check their posture correctly?

Charles Clinkard have commissioned this brilliantly informative infographic showing you how to keep your children’s feet healthy and what to look out for.

Childrens foot health - final

Review and Giveaway: Emmi Wooden Cradle from Tesco

BG has never really been one to play with babies sort of girl but Little Miss is obsessed with them. She loves real ones and toy ones. She feeds them, rocks them and lays them down to sleep and it is so sweet to see.

I had been planning of getting her a wooden pram and cradle for Christmas, so when Tesco asked me if I would like to test of the Emmi Wooden Cradle I could hardly say no.

It arrived ready to assemble so I set OH to work.

Emmi Wooden Cradle 1


It was really easy for him to do. The instructions are really clear and it took less than 10 minutes to put together.

It’s really sturdy and actually much larger than I thought it would be. Little Miss loves wrapping her baby up and rocking her to sleep in her new cradle.















At £20 I think it’s a really brilliant wooden cradle and would make an awesome Christmas present for any child. There are other items available in the Emmi such a high chair, car seat, 2 in 1 pram carrier and bath set.

The Emmi Wooden Cradle is also part of a 2 for £30 offer they are currently running so you can get even better value for money. You can also get free click and collect from store.

I have a Emmi Wooden Cradle to giveaway to one lucky reader. A little help with the Christmas shopping this year.

To enter just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter widget below.

Closing Date: 30th November

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Peach Jogger iCandy Review

Several months ago the people at iCandy sent me at Peach Jogger pushchair to test out and I have to say I really love it.

The Peach Jogger is a three wheel, all terrain and super stylish pushchair.

I don’t drive so need a sturdy, easy to push, large basket pushchair for my daily school run and shopping trips. Little Miss needs a comfy seat and the iCandy Peach Jogger does all that.

We have tested this pushchair out fully and it has very little faults in my opinion. It’s been to the beach, on bumpy terrain and on many, many school runs.

iCandy Peach Jogger


  • Easy to fold. I mean really easy to fold. You take off the seat unit (which is also easy) and then then push the handle straight down and it folds up.
  • It has a strap in the base of the pushchair so once you have folded it the chassis can go on your shoulder leaving your hands free for the seat unit. This was a godsend when we were on holiday as we were upstairs and there were no lifts. OH could pop the chassis over his shoulder, have the seat unit in one hand and either BG’s or Little Misses in the other.
  • Once the chassis is folded it stands up all be itself
  • It’s really compact when folded. Its fits nicely in our little Ford Focus and there is still room for shopping. If you want to get even smaller you can remove the wheels.
  • The wheels pop on and off really easily
  • There is a pump in the basket in case your wheels need pumping up.
  • It’s easy to unfold and seat unit just clicks into place
  • The basket underneath is a really decent size. I can get quite a bit of shopping underneath it.
  • The handle is adjustable
  • There are 3 reclinable positions
  • It’s really easy to recline and it’s a smooth transition.
  • The seat unit can be forward or parent facing
  • The leg rest is adjustable
  • Comes with a rain cover which is easy to put on
  • Pushes and steers like a dream
  • Smooth ride for Little Miss
  • Comes with foot muff
  • The hood extends up which is great when Little Miss gets a bit taller


  • Little Miss never seems like she is fully upright. She is always reclined slightly
  • The rain cover is quite stiff and doesn’t fold up very small so can take up quite a bit of room in the basket
  • Doesn’t come with parasol

As you can see there are very little cons for me. I really think this is a great pushchair. It’s really sturdy and will last beyond Little Misses needs.

If you want to use it from birth can purchase the carry cot (£195) to go with it.

The Peach Jogger is available in 5; Blackberry, Cranberry, Glacier, Loganberry, Avocado, and Gumdrop.

I have it in Cranberry which I really like.

You can also purchase accessories to go with your iCandy Peach Jogger including cup holder (which we were sent and its fab), parasol, changing bag, mattress, seat liner, and sun shade.

The Peach Jogger starts from £640 which is reasonable for a high spec, high end pushchairs.

If you are looking for hard wearing, long lasting, stylish pushchair you can’t go wrong with the Peach Jogger.

You can find your nearest stockist here.

Visit the Rockabye-Baby Pop Up Shop and Win £100 in Vouchers

Have you seen the Rockabye-Baby clothing collection? Its gives funky a whole new meaning.

This super cute dress arrived for Little Miss today for us to test out (just in time for our holiday) and I am loving the packaging! I am a rocker at heart.


With such a fresh and welcomed approach to dressing kids, it’s no wonder Rockabye-Baby has been selected to showcase its clothes at House of Fraser’s POP at HOF – a pop-up at the flagship Oxford Street store. Following a competition organised by The Great Retail Revival Foundation, Rockabye-Baby was one of just ten small businesses selected from nearly 200 of the UK’s hottest new retailers in a sales event offering the winner a year’s concession at the store. Tattinger is sponsoring the event and people who buy any POP at HOF brands get a free glass of champagne!

Be quick they are only there until the 26th May!

Have a look at some of these clothes.

rockbyeababy_199484 this kid rocks TEE Elvis_Suit_300dpi. ( THIS ONE PLEASE) pg lightning  SLEEPSUIT

Rockabye-Baby are running a Kids Rock Out Competition:

Go into The House  of Fraser Store on Oxford Street, London

Try on a Rockabye-Baby Item of Clothing

Show us your best Rock Moves and Rock Out

Take a pic, send it in to our FaceBook page in a private message with the little rockers name and email address

We will announce one winner on Sunday May 18th and another on Monday May 26th May

There will be two prizes2 x £100 vouchers each week.

I will be back after my holiday will a full review on our new dress.

Review: Me&i Spring/summer Collection

As you probably know by now are big fans of me&i. Their clothes are stylish, so comfy and are long lasting. BG, Little Miss and I were all sent a piece of clothing from the new season range.

BG and I both received super cute dresses.

BG has the blossom tunic £25.

Blossom Tunic

It looks really cute and BG looks fab in it. She has worn it to parties and on days out. It’s really wearable in all situations. It’s pretty enough to worn as a party dress but durable to worn out and about or playing in the park.

The ruffles are so gorgeous and because of the way it’s made as she gets bigger she can wear it as a tunic with leggings.

I was sent the waves long dress £60.

Waves dress

I wore it on a day out to London with BG. Yes she has her dress on! It was so comfy to wear all day. The small slits at the bottom of dress means you can walk up stairs without it restricting your legs. I love the little sleeves as I have awful arms and like to cover them up. It hangs just right to cover all my lumps and bumps. The sizes are quite generous I got an XL but I think a L would have fitted perfectly.

This will get a lot of use in the summer!

Little Miss was sent a pair of pants with cat in pocket £21.


These are the cutest pair of trousers I have ever seen. The cat’s head comes out of one pocket and its tale out of the other. Little Miss keeps saying ‘cat cat’ when she wears them.

Apart from looking great they are well thought out. The waist is adjustable and the cuffs at the bottom can be turned up. This means that Little Miss will get a lot of wear out of them as when she grows I can just let them out.  They are generous around the bum area to allow space for nappies.

All three items have been washed and tumbled dried and they came out looking perfect with no shrinkage at all.

If you are looking for summer clothes for you or the kids I would highly recommend me&i. They are such great value for money. BG has a few bits now that she has grown out of but they are such great good condition that they have been put up for Little Miss.

Book a me&I party now!


The Many Uses of a Mia Tui Bag

I have this theory that you can never have too many scarves, shoes or bags. So when Mia Tui contacted me and asked if I want to review one of their bags well I could hardly say no.

Mia Tui is the brainchild of Charlotte

Mia Tui was born in 2010 after I’d spent years searching for the perfect bag that would suit my busy lifestyle.

I’m a mother of two, working, going to the gym, doing the school run, shopping and travelling. I’ve got a busy life but I couldn’t find a bag that could keep up with me.

Mia Tui is the busy woman’s best friend – it is stylish yet completely practical. Quite simply it looks great and does its job.

These bags are well thought out. Truly stylish but practical.

There is a large range to choose from and they all have different features. There is a right one for everyone. If you are not sure which is right for you just ask them on twitter.

Some of the bags like the Amelie is rather big and is not quite right for us shorter ladies so I was recommended the Mini Amelie and it was perfect.

Mia Tui 1

I can’t tell you how much I love this bag!

Firstly it comes in a bag which in itself is a totally practical bag.  I have used it for shopping and to take gifts to my sister. It’s nice and roomy.

Mia Tui 2

The Mini Amelie is really large inside with great side pockets which you can fit a lot in. The big one will take an ipad and the small a kindle. Mine are full of snacks and wipes!

There are also two bottle holders at either end of the bag so I can get a drink for both girls in the bag and they don’t roll around.  You will also find a phone holder, with spaces for pens and a back pocket on the outside of the bag.

That’s not all! It also comes with a clear zip bag which I have used for wet nappies, dirty clothes, various wet craft projects and food.

You also get a matching clutch bag with a removable strap.  This has become my school run bag and then I just through it in the Mini Amelie when needed so I don’t have to keep swapping things over.

Other features include a removable strap and a key clip. It is also waterproof inside and out.

The Mini Amelie has so many uses. So far I have used it as a:


I took off the long strap and slung it over my shoulders. It had plenty of room for my kindle, snacks and my drinks bottle. I have used it on a few day trips to London and it’s comfy to use.  The straps are the perfect width so you don’t feel pressure from the bag.

mia tui 3


Mia Tui 4

Changing Bag

There is plenty of room in the pocket for nappies, wipes and snacks. I use the long strap and hand on the pram. (The colours look great together). Most people didn’t even realise it’s a changing bag which I really like.

How much is in that bag mum?

How much is in that bag mum?

The bag is well thought out so you don’t have to rummage too much to find things. Two decent sized pockets and then a great space in the middle which can easily accommodate a few changes of clothes and toys.

Weekend Bag

Last weekend I and OH went to London for two nights. I took my Mini Amelie. It had plenty of room for several changes of clothes, toiletries, hair straighteners, book, kindle and snacks!

I used the clear bag as a makeup bag and the clutch bag was then my handbag for the weekend. The strap for the clutch is quite long so can be worn as an across the body bag which I prefer. It was big enough for purse, phone, lipstick and sunglasses case.

Mia Tui 6

Mia Tui 5

I really can’t rate this bag high enough.  We have a lot of trips planned this summer and this bag will get so much use.

The Mini Amelie’s are £55 apart from the Teal one I have which is in the sale for £45. You get a lot of bag for your money!

Mia Tui has a range of bags from across the body bags such as the Matilda Mae to large totes like the Amelie. They come in gorgeous colours and they won’t break the bank.

Now I know you are now thinking I must get myself one of those bags. Well I have a little gift for you!

Here is a 15% off discount code for you to use. So go and get yourself a bag or two.