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2 Copies of Kids Don’t Come with a Manual by Carole and Nadim Saad

Kids don’t come with a manual but I wish they would! I can wing it most of the time but the girls are hitting some key tantrum ages. Little Miss has just turned two and so quick minded and stubborn and BG is 6 going on 16!

Kids Don't Come With Manuals

Kids Don’t Come with a Manual by Carole and Nadim Saad is released tomorrow and its a really good book. Its based on real experiences. I am really enjoying this book and I am learning how to cope and react better to situations.  Its not condescending or preachy, just full of great advice and techniques.  Of course I just have to put them into practice now!

It gets the thumbs up from the Parent Panel.

Carole and Nadim also have a few parenting app called Best of Parenting that is worth checking out.

They have kindly given me two copies of the book to giveaway to celebrate release day tomorrow.

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Little Miss Gets a Library Card

In the last few weeks Little Miss’s love for books has grown. She has gone from walking around with them in her mouth to throwing a book and herself onto my lap so I can read for her. It is very cute though after reading the same book 30’s times it does get a little repetitive. I thought this was probably then perfect time to get her a library card.

LM Library card

I think the local library is a really important thing to have in community, its a place were everyone can go. I am really aware that a lot of our local libraries are being closed down and I really scared if we don’t use them we will lose them.

Since BG has started school we haven’t visited as often I would like so I am making an effort to go at least once a fortnight with Little Miss, ideally once a week but life gets busy. The plan is to get Little Miss some new books each time and I am going to get out a book once a month to read. I am doing #theyearinbooks on my blog and want to read more this year.

BG gets reading books from school and has a pile of books for bedtime stories we are working through so we have said that will we save her library trips for the school breaks and she can choose her own reading books. Its tough to fit in trips around school and other commitments in term time.

Our local library is really good. The staff are really helpful, there is a nice children’s area and they have story time on a Tuesday afternoon which I will take Little Miss as she gets older.

Do you use your library?


Getting Organised With Paperblanks 18 Month Planner

BG started school last week, my maternity leave ends at the beginning of next month and OH is about to start a new role at work where he will be between two stores. It’s going to get busy and complicated! So when Paperblanks asked if I want to review their 18 Month Maxi Planner (£16.99) I couldn’t say no.

I do love Paperblanks, I have a small notebook which I carry around to write down anything creative that pops in my head, so I knew the planner would be lovely.

Paperblanks 18 Month Planner

Here are my highlights:

  • It doesn’t look like a planner. The maxi which is what I have comes in different designs. You can also get the Midi (£14.99) and the Mini (£12.99).
  • Its 18 months which allows you to plan well ahead.
  • There is a quick glance calendar at the front and then a month by month section and then a day by day break down. I have already popped in the half terms.  It’s great to see at a glance what is going on and then I use the more in depth day to day to plan posts etc.
  • It has holidays and international dates
  • It has an address book at the back.
  • Clothing sizes, measurements, and temperature conversion tables
  • World time zone chart
  • Travel planning memo page
  • Birthdays and important dates memo page
  • Extra note pages
  • It contains a lot and is not too big, a standard book size so it can slip into your bag and not take up too much space.

If you want to get organised this year I recommend a Paperblanks 18 month planner.

You can buy Paperblanks online at

Baby Massage Experience with My Father ‘A Father’s Journey’ – Mary Kay

 Baby Massage Experience with My Father ‘A Father’s Journey’  – Mary KayBaby Massage Experience with My Father: A Father's Journey (Parenting Book)

Price: £7.99

Available from:

Initial Reaction: I thought brilliant a baby massage book. I’d just started a massage course with my son (3 months old) and maybe this would give guidance. Continue reading

Dear Mum, From Me to You, Journal of a Lifetime.

Price:  £8.99
Suitable from:   a mother to her grown-up child
Initial Reaction:  what a fantastic idea.  I’m sure that I’m representative of the population at large when I say that I never commit  enough time to just mulling things over with my parents, so this is a great opportunity to hear more about my Mum, and for her to maybe jot down that are more difficult to say than to write.
Pros:  A fantastic book with some lovely questions, probing into many different aspects of life from Mum’s childhood to mine, and the associated decisions and feelings that are encountered along the way.  Examples of some of the questions are: “Tell me about a special piece of music that you and Dad had ‘just for you’ . . .”,  “Before I was born, what other names had you thought of calling me?”,  “What was the first word or words you remember me saying?”
Cons:  I had worried that it might be a long task for Mum to complete, it is, after all, a whole books’ worth of questions for her to answer and she is a busy lady.  I needn’t have worried though, with my mother being as chatty and literate as she is, and she has been busily filling in pages already.  It probably wouldn’t appeal so much to someone who found it hard to write, especially by hand.  The book had quite a basic feel to it; I’d probably pay more for a more luxurious cover and some pearly-white pages.
Value for money?  Definitely, you can’t put a price on this kind of information and it makes for a great and interesting gift.  It’s a present and a historical journal all in one, and I will be computerising a version for my son.
Overall Reaction:   fantastic and unusual gift.

Baby Names 2011 by Eleanor Turner

Baby Names 2011 by Eleanor Turner (White Ladder)

Price:  from £5.38
Available fromAmazon and Waterstones. Initial Reaction: A good introduction and starts by detailing points to consider when thinking of names for your baby, this section is very helpful and amusing if not a little worrying in how many things you may need to consider.

  • Helpful hints in introduction
  • Some good lists of names
  • Majority of names are unusual or  too modern
  • Lack of detail in the meaning of names

Value for money: Average

Overall Reaction:This book starts by detailing points to consider when thinking of names for your baby, this section is very helpful and at points amusing. It also gives a valuable insight to how many things you may need to think about, as to not burden your child with a name that may cause bullying, embarrassment or amusement to others later on in life.

However I found that the majority of the lists of names are unusual, and although some of the lists are interesting most are a little farfetched for me and provided little inspiration
The description of the names is short but a name you may like may turn out to have a meaning that may totally put you off and vice versa.

Not my favourite names book, but still worth considering as a gift for a mother to be.