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Back to School with Poundland

Its not long until the little darlings are back at school (yay!) and that means back to school shopping (boo). Lets face it that can be painful and expensive, current research showed on average we spend £186.24 per child!!

That is a lot of money!! Thankfully Poundland have an excellent range of back to items that are not only great but oh so affordable. Whether your child is starting pre-school, primary, secondary or college Poundland have you covered.

They sent us a small selection of items to try out.


BG nabbed the highlighters and notepad and Little Miss got the Finding Dory colouring pencils and I may have hidden the metallic paint *ahem*.

They spent a happy half an hour playing with it and BG has put hers away ready for the start of term. The colouring tube of pencils is in my bag ready for when I am out with Little Miss to keep her entertained and is super handy.

Poundland actually have a huge selection of back to school goodies including some awesome Neon stationery (which would look great on my desk) , super cute weekly planners  and the lovely Secret Life of Pet pens.


Poundland Back to School

Don’t have a Poundland near you? Don’t worry you can now buy online, you don’t even have to face the shops.

I’d get in quick before it all sells out.


Penwizard Personalised ‘Your Child and Peppa go to Playgroup’ book

Penwizard Personalised ‘Your Child and Peppa go to Playgroup’ book

Price: £14.99

Available from:

Suitable from: 2+

Initial Reaction: My son will be starting nursery in September. I want him to be well prepared, so I was really keen on the idea of a book with a nice story about nursery to give him an idea of the sort of things he’ll be doing.

Although we don’t watch Peppa Pig on TV, my son does see it occasionally elsewhere. He also has a Peppa Pig jigsaw, and I was delighted to see that the nursery scene from the jigsaw is the same as in the book, which he recognised straight away. Continue reading

Going to School CD by Hometrain

Going to School CD by Hometrain

Price: £8.82

Available from:

Suitable from:  Preschool

Initial Reaction: Professional looking CD in box. CD is essentially an ebook with menu for different options.


  • Story covers classroom routines, teachers, wearing uniform, making friends and emotions.
  • Can print off the story to read on paper (all documents are pdf versions).
  • Can print off pages of the story to colour in.
  • Would be great for a very young child who is anxious about school and what to expect.
  • Contains Reward charts which you would use jointly with the teacher as to how the child is behaving at school.
  • Has other things like “I’m going to school” communication book which you can print and fill in with child and also illustrated print outs of the school day.
  • Great for introducing child to inclusion into mainstream education as main character Tom has a special needs assistant.


  • CD has a very basic feel to it with childlike drawings as illustrations. This may be comforting for some children however.

Value for money? Great value preparation for young children starting school.

Overall Reaction: Great product for starting school, particularly if child is apprehensive. Personally we only really got value from the print outs such as the communication book and colouring sheets. We may also use the reward charts if necessary. My child will be one of the older ones in the year (his birthday is December) so  he is very used to the school routine from the excellent preschool he has been going to for quite a while.

By Louise