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#MiffyMums Review: Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set

One of the bonuses of being a Miffy Mum is getting sent amazing items to test out and try. This month Little Miss has been sent a Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set and she was over the moon the Miffy sent it just for her. It’s the first set Little Miss has had that wasn’t her sisters!

Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set

The set consists of a dinner plate, a bowl, a cup and children’s glass. It is decorated with the Miffy Plays print which is cute and nice and colourful. The first thing I noticed was how large the dinner plate is, normally they are pretty tiny which is great for a baby or toddler but as they get older they often want a bit more food or at least keep certain foods separate (we all know the struggle).

 Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set

The pieces are all really thick which is very reassuring as my child likes to drop/throw things and many melamine and plastic items have cracked and even splintered but these are good and sturdy.

In the past few weeks these have been used almost every day and have been through the dishwasher many times and they still look good as new. No fading or scratching even around the edges.

Little Miss adores this set and requests it for most meals. It is a firm favourite already.

The Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set £20would make a great Christmas gift. You can also get the set in a Miffy Travels print which is super cute as well. If you are looking for gifts for older children they have some lovely enamel mugs or bone china for the adults (you know you want one).

Visit the Miffy Shop more gift ideas.

Kiddylicious Banana, Mango & Passion fruit and Strawberry & Banana smoothie melts

Kiddylicious Banana, Mango & Passion fruit and Strawberry & Banana smoothie melts

Price: 59p

Available from:  Sainsburys

Suitable from: 6 months

Initial Reaction:  By the name of them I thought that the packets contained a powder and had to be mixed with milk.  When I read the back of the packet though I discovered that it was a snack rather than a drink. They are 100% fruit that has been whisked up and dried to create a kind of light and fluffy snack that melts on the tongue like a smoothie.  By the looks of them, I had my reservations but once I had tried them I was wowed.  They kind of dissolve on the tongue to deliver a deliciously fruity experience. It’s a kind of crispy snack that is totally healthy. Continue reading

Mookie Whirlee Ride-On

Mookie Whirlee ride-on

Price: £16.99

Available from:  Amazon, ELC and other retailers

Suitable from: 12 months – 4 years

Initial Reaction:  I could not believe how light the delivery box was – it felt empty. On unpacking the parcel I encountered a lovely blue plastic ride on with aeroplanes along the side, with wheels that turned 360° and a handle at the front to hold onto.  My son instantly knew what to do with it but insisted on sitting on it backwards.  It is light enough for him to pick up and carry about, something that he preferred doing to riding it.  The problem was that he had recently been given another ride-on to look at and he preferred the one with steering.  I was a little disappointed in his lack of interest in it because to me it looked a great toy so I gave it to his little friend Eva instead.

She absolutely loves it, took t it straight away and takes it everywhere, she spins round and round and loves how it fits into all the tight spots and swirls in every direction.  She walks around pulling it a lot too and her Mum loves how she has learnt how to co-ordinate her legs to make it properly work.

Pros: It’s ultra lightweight, so you or your child can carry it with ease.  It spins all the way around and is small and tidy in its design so is ideal if you don’t have much space in your house.  It’s stackable, so if you have lots of children they can be stacked away neatly.

Cons:  It’s not really and off-roader.

Value for money? Definitely.

Overall Reaction: A great compact and lightweight fun toy.

By Catherine

E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk, Hand & Body Wash and Moisturizing Lotion

E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk, Hand & Body Wash and Moisturizing Lotion

Price: £3.45-£4.85

Available from: Supermarkets, Boots etc

Suitable from: 12 months+

Initial Reaction: The packaging is bright, colourful and child friendly, the hand and body wash is especially inviting to children with the little red and blue bubble beads. Continue reading

Round and Round Board Game

Round and Round Board Game

Price: £15.50

Available from: Orchard Toys

Suitable from: Ages 3 – 6

Initial Reaction: We’d played a couple of Orchard Toys games before (one of our own and some at a friend’s) and I’d been impressed by the quality and the educational value, so I was really looking forward to trying this game. It’s based on the classic song “The Wheels on the Bus”

I wasn’t disappointed: the cardboard pieces are very robust and the attention to detail gives it a real quality feel. I have a three year-old and a one year-old who thinks he’s three. As my older son and I played the game, the little one got stuck in picking up all the pieces, slotting cards randomly into the top of busses and carrying bits round the room. Nothing got bent or squashed despite his rough treatment.

The board pieces fit together (jigsaw-style – my son was over the moon!) to make up a town. Rolling the (large sized) die, you make your way around the board, stopping at the different coloured stops. At each stop you add a card to your bus, singing the line from the song Continue reading

Top Five Tips for Tantrum Throwing Toddlers.

When Louie, my eldest, was two I was in a cafe and he threw his first almighty tantrum! I stood completely thrown as he thrashed about on the floor screaming. I came home and read everything I could about how to deal with this behaviour. I tried various suggestions, some worked, others didn’t.

Drawn from these experiments these are my top five suggestions for what to do when tantrums strike.
1.Distract:”Look there’s a bird, flower, cloud, dinosaur”(ok there’s probably not going to be a dinosaur). Whatever interests your toddler that you can draw their attention to in that moment to get them to forget the urge to throw a strop.
2.Ignore: If distract isn’t working then the best thing to do is ignore the behaviour. If you’re at home and your child is safe, walk away. If I’m in public and my child is safe I usually just turn away. I honestly don’t care what other people think, after all they were once (probably) toddlers screaming and kicking on the floor themselves.
3.Stand your ground : Do not give in to the demands of the tantrum. For example if the tantrum was over sweets in a shop and the sweets get bought, guess what your little darling is going to do next time they want sweets.
4. Comfort: I find that when a tantrum reaches a certain point, and you will know when, because you know your child way better than I, I go in with a cuddle. My son at that point would gladly cuddle me and calm himself down.
5. Praise: When the child has calmed down praise them for calming down. When the child meets the same situation next time and doesn’t throw a tantrum, praise them for being so good.
Now I have to add that while being extremely effective these tips only work if you stay calm. On the occasions when I have used my other parenting technique of losing my cool and muttering expletives the response from both the children and onlookers, has not been as good.

By Ella 

Image: Stuart Miles /

Children’s Polaroid Sunglasses – Sugar

Children’s Polaroid Sunglasses – Sugar

Price:  £25

Available from:  Polaroid Sunglasses

Initial Reaction:  Look really cute Continue reading