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George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties

George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties 

Price: £6.95

Available from: Cheeky Rascals online.

Suitable from: Aimed at children potty training so roughly two years old, for the stickers and reward chart the book could be read earlier to a child.

Initial Reaction: Thought the whole concept of the book and telling the story of potty training with a reward chart and stickers was fantastic. Continue reading

Benjoy Multigrain Bites

Benjoy – Multigrain Bites
Melt in the mouth little bites made with rice, quinoa, oats and wheat and coated in strawberry and apple juices.

Price: £2.69-£2.49 for a 4 pack. Also come in single pots.

Available from: Ocado. Waitrose, selected Morrisons stores and Amazon online

Suitable from: 1 year+

Initial Reaction: I was dubious with a fussy eater if he would even try these. Continue reading

Toddler Bath Wraps from The Best Bedlinen in the World

Toddler Bath Wraps

Price: £15

Available from:

Suitable from: Birth

Initial Reaction: Lovely, soft and a really great size.

Continue reading

Halos and Horns Hair and Body wash. Zingy Orange

Halos N Horns Zingy Orange Hair Body WashHalos and Horns Hair and Body wash. Zingy Orange

Price: £2.99

Available From: Boots, online stores and supermarkets.

Initial Reaction: Smells lovely and packaging looked very appealing


  • Smells lovely.
  • Easy squeezy tube.
  • Packaging very cute.
  • Creates a great amount of soapy suds.


  • Very thick and goopy. One tiny bit too much can cause it to be very hard to rinse off especially out of hair although they do warn you only need a tiny amount.

Value for money: Reasonable.

Overall reaction: The zingy orange smell was lush and initially we were quite taken with the wash. We took the bottle on holiday with us as normal top to toes baby washes can be in large containers and harder to pack away. We unfortunately found it quite thick and hard to rinse out and for us with a little one who hates having his hair rinsed it was hard going. He also likes to help wash himself and tended to pour huge amounts into the water too and it really did become harder to rinse. The smell after the initial wash didn’t last long either.

By Julie

Speedo Swim Squad, Swim Vest, Water Balls, Goggles

Price: £18, £5, £5
Available from: Speedo

Initial Reaction: Nice and bright. Feel good quality

Vital Baby Unbelievabowl

Product : Vital Baby Unbelievabowl

Price: £4.99

Available From: Amazon, Vital Baby

Initial Reaction: Nice shape, smooth edges and pretty colours.


Super Suction, Interchangeable bowls, Easy to stick to surfaces, BPA free



Value for money: Good

Overall Reaction: I think the Unbelievabowl is an excellent idea.I have a baby that just loves to throw everything on the floor, so I wasn’t too keen on letting him have a bowl of food just to throw it and make a mess. This is where the unbelievabowl is perfect. It has super suction, so there is no chance of baby being able to get the bowl off. Brandon is very strong and didn’t manage to do it. It’s easy to fit to a high chair and although I’ve only got one bowl they’re interchangeable so you can buy a spare one for when one is being washed.

By Sarah


Organix Baby Food & Snacks

Organix -Rice Cakes, Savoury pots & Savoury Pouches

Price: Approx,£1.19 per pack of rice cakes, £1.99/2 savoury pots,  £1.09 per savoury pouch

Available from: Organix Online shop, most supermarkets & chemists.

Suitable from: 4 months

Initial Reaction: I was very pleased with the lovely package I received from Organix with a wide range of food to try. Continue reading