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#MiffyMums Review: Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set

One of the bonuses of being a Miffy Mum is getting sent amazing items to test out and try. This month Little Miss has been sent a Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set and she was over the moon the Miffy sent it just for her. It’s the first set Little Miss has had that wasn’t her sisters!

Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set

The set consists of a dinner plate, a bowl, a cup and children’s glass. It is decorated with the Miffy Plays print which is cute and nice and colourful. The first thing I noticed was how large the dinner plate is, normally they are pretty tiny which is great for a baby or toddler but as they get older they often want a bit more food or at least keep certain foods separate (we all know the struggle).

 Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set

The pieces are all really thick which is very reassuring as my child likes to drop/throw things and many melamine and plastic items have cracked and even splintered but these are good and sturdy.

In the past few weeks these have been used almost every day and have been through the dishwasher many times and they still look good as new. No fading or scratching even around the edges.

Little Miss adores this set and requests it for most meals. It is a firm favourite already.

The Miffy Plays Dinnerware Set £20would make a great Christmas gift. You can also get the set in a Miffy Travels print which is super cute as well. If you are looking for gifts for older children they have some lovely enamel mugs or bone china for the adults (you know you want one).

Visit the Miffy Shop more gift ideas.

Kiddylicious Banana, Mango & Passion fruit and Strawberry & Banana smoothie melts

Kiddylicious Banana, Mango & Passion fruit and Strawberry & Banana smoothie melts

Price: 59p

Available from:  Sainsburys

Suitable from: 6 months

Initial Reaction:  By the name of them I thought that the packets contained a powder and had to be mixed with milk.  When I read the back of the packet though I discovered that it was a snack rather than a drink. They are 100% fruit that has been whisked up and dried to create a kind of light and fluffy snack that melts on the tongue like a smoothie.  By the looks of them, I had my reservations but once I had tried them I was wowed.  They kind of dissolve on the tongue to deliver a deliciously fruity experience. It’s a kind of crispy snack that is totally healthy. Continue reading

Benjoy Multigrain Bites

Benjoy – Multigrain Bites
Melt in the mouth little bites made with rice, quinoa, oats and wheat and coated in strawberry and apple juices.

Price: £2.69-£2.49 for a 4 pack. Also come in single pots.

Available from: Ocado. Waitrose, selected Morrisons stores and Amazon online

Suitable from: 1 year+

Initial Reaction: I was dubious with a fussy eater if he would even try these. Continue reading

Organix Baby Food & Snacks

Organix -Rice Cakes, Savoury pots & Savoury Pouches

Price: Approx,£1.19 per pack of rice cakes, £1.99/2 savoury pots,  £1.09 per savoury pouch

Available from: Organix Online shop, most supermarkets & chemists.

Suitable from: 4 months

Initial Reaction: I was very pleased with the lovely package I received from Organix with a wide range of food to try. Continue reading

Amy’s Kitchen Vegetarian and Gluten Free Range

Amy’s Kitchen Vegetarian and Gluten Free Range

Amy’s Kitchen was actually set up in the US by parents Rachel and Andy Berliner who, before they had their daughter Amy grew their own vegetables and spent a lot of time preparing home cooked meals.  As you can understand when their daughter arrived all of this was thrown out of the window and time was of the essence when their daughter needed feeding.  This is why they set up Amy’s Kitchen so that other families who were looking for delicious home cooked food, without the hassle could buy it.

Price: Ranging from £1.99 – £3.00 depending on the product.

Available from: Check online for local stockists. We sourced ours at our local Asda.

Suitable From: All ages Adults and Children

Initial Reaction: I was a bit sceptical about anything that’s gluten free as in my experience gluten free can mean taste free and a bit grainy. We tried the ‘Rice Mac and Cheese’ and the ‘Bean and Cheese Burrito’. Continue reading

Organix Mighty Meals, Goodies squeezy fruit pouch and Drinks

Organix Mighty Meals, Goodies squeezy fruit pouch, Drinks

Price: £1.59 for the meals, 71p for the squeezy pouches and 89p for the drink

Available from: and other online retailers and supermarkets

Suitable from: 12 months

Initial Reaction:  What a great idea to help get healthy fruit and good food into your kids. Continue reading