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Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

Create the ultimate Bakugan Warrior with 1 exclusive Bakugan and 4 exclusive pieces of Battle Gear. Combine them together around the core hub to unleash the power and watch the amazing auto transformation!

Price: £39.99

Available from: Tesco Direct, Argos, Amazon

Suitable from: 5+

Initial Reaction:Contains 5 individual Bakugan.  Innovative way of joining them together and fascinating to watch as they pop open.


  • Great for serious Bakugan collectors and good selection of playing cards
  • All fit together to make a large Bakugan


  • The most difficult toy to get out of the box.  Held in place by multiple twist ties and cable ties which were too tight to cut with either a knife, scissors or pliers.  Took over half an hour to remove from the packaging

Value for money? No

Overall Reaction:  Definitely a toy for a hardy Bakugan collector.  One of those toys that every boy would love but unless they are obsessed by Bakugan, with lots of friends who are similarly interested, they lose interest very quickly.

By Karen

Air Hogs Hyper Active Stunt

Air Hogs Hyper Active StuntAir Hogs Hyper Active Stunt

Price: £34.99

Available from: Tesco Direct (£24.97)

Suitable from:  8 to 10 years

Initial Reaction: Very small car in comparison to size of packaging Continue reading

Me to You Ready Bed

Me to You Ready Bed

Price: £39.99

Available from: Argos

Initial Reaction: BG was very excited about trying this out.

It comes with a built in cover, its own pump and carry case


  • Lightweight
  • Inflates in under 2 minutes
  • Easy to store away
  • Surprising comfortable to sleep in


  • Cover is not warm enough, you need an extra blanket

Value for money? I think this is expensive for what it is.

Overall Reaction:  The ready bed was easy to inflate and use. BG likes sleeping in it and we have taken it with us on overnight trips.

Would be great on a camping trip or sleep over.

By Carol

Lite Sprites Tree of Life

Lite Sprites Tree of LifeLite Sprites Tree of Life

Price: £39.99

Available from: Amazon (£29.99), Smyths (£27.99)

Suitable from:  4 +

Initial Reaction: Quite a large sized tree with lots to do Continue reading

Lego Sort and Store Head.

Lego Sort and Store Head.
Price: £39.95
Available from: John Lewis.
Suitable from: 4

Initial Reaction: When we opened the package to reveal the giant Lego head my children were very excited. It is about the size of a real head and exactly like the heads on the Lego people. My son couldn’t wait to get his Lego organised. Continue reading

Light Strike Assault Striker with Mini Target

Light Strike Assault Striker with Mini TargetLight Strike Assault Striker with Mini Target (G.A.R.- 023)

Electronic guns, Action at the speed of light.

Price:   £40

Available from:  Amazon, All good retail stores, for full range visit or

Suitable from:   8+

Initial Reaction:   Oh, my boys were absolutely over the moon to receive the light strike set and couldn’t wait to get them out and start a battle. Continue reading

Sheercover Introductory Kit

Sheercover Introductory Kit

Price:  £39.99

Available from: Sheercover

Suitable from: Adult

Initial Reaction: I love the way this set is presented. It’s nicely packaged in a pretty pink organza bag. Continue reading