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BrainBox The World

BrainBox The World

Price:  £9.99

Available from:

Suitable from: 8 +

Initial Reaction:  Comes in a nice compact box. Looking forward to playing and beating the other half.

Players will have 10 seconds to study a fact packed card before being asked a question from the reverse, chosen by the roll of the die. Answer correctly and the card is yours, if not return it to the box and continue play. The player with the most cards after 10 minutes wins the game! Continue reading

Air Hogs Hyper Active Stunt

Air Hogs Hyper Active StuntAir Hogs Hyper Active Stunt

Price: £34.99

Available from: Tesco Direct (£24.97)

Suitable from:  8 to 10 years

Initial Reaction: Very small car in comparison to size of packaging Continue reading

Air Hog, Vectron Wave

Air Hog, Vectron WaveAir Hogs Vectron Wave

This spaceship shaped Vectron shoots spinning through the air! Control it with the palm of your hand or fly it back and forth between two people using the catching stick. Continue reading

Light Strike Assault Striker with Mini Target

Light Strike Assault Striker with Mini TargetLight Strike Assault Striker with Mini Target (G.A.R.- 023)

Electronic guns, Action at the speed of light.

Price:   £40

Available from:  Amazon, All good retail stores, for full range visit or

Suitable from:   8+

Initial Reaction:   Oh, my boys were absolutely over the moon to receive the light strike set and couldn’t wait to get them out and start a battle. Continue reading

Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks set

Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks set

Price: £7.99

Available from: Aldi on sale from 20th November while stocks last

Suitable from: Age 8 – adult

Initial Reaction: When I received the Amazing Magic Tricks set to review, I decided to test the product out with someone who I thought it would really appeal to – my father-in-law, Tom. The set is aimed at age 8 to adult, and it would be a good stocking filler for a tricky-to-buy-for adult as well as a child. He tried out the set and we went through the review questions together.

Tom thought that the packaging of the box was appealing, that the colours were appropriate and that the overall look of the set aroused his interest. I hadn’t told him where the set was from, and he likened it to the stocking fillers you’d buy in BhS, Marks and Spencer and other high street stores.

The set contains a small but detailed instruction book, a pack of marked cards, other ‘trick’ cards, dice and a range of equipment for the different tricks. Some of the items can be used for more than one trick, and the majority of the tricks in the book are card based (so although there are 50 tricks, you don’t get 50 different items). Continue reading