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Blossom Magazine Searches for Britain’s Best Young Story Writer


I was recently invited along to meet the people behind Blossom magazine, the magazine for little girls. I couldn’t make it but they kindly sent me a copy of the magazine for BG to read.

I was really impressed with magazine it is packed full of things to and comes with a really good free gift. What I really like is no adverts in it so it’s activities and a few stickers.

Blossom Magazine

In this month’s Blossom Magazine is a story writer completion in association with World Book Day.

The winning story will be printed in the magazine and illustrated by the Blossom artist. The winner will also receive a visit to their school or nursery from the Princess Poppy author Janey Louise Jones, a bundle of books from them and their school library from Random House and a special keepsake bound version of their story.

If that sounds like something your daughter would like to enter pick up issue 10 at your newsagent now and find out the full details. Closing date is 8th March.


Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown: 1…… The Hunt for Furnado

We have come to our very last day of the countdown and I have a very special announcement for you.

The final Moshi Monster is…



Bio: Gaze into a Mystic Moggy’s eyes and you might start woofing or oinking because these mysterious Moshlings are talented sorcerers. They can even levitate when they meow, cough up magic furballs and make pilchards vanish (‘cos they sneak them under their top hats). Gee whiskers!
Ultra Rare

Furnando is so ultra rare that if you find him you could win an amazing prize.

A certain number of Furnando figures have been hidden in the Series 9 blind bag and collector packs.  Each Furnando figure has a code on it and one of these codes will mean an amazing prize for one Moshi fan.

For more details visit

Series 9 Moshi Monsters Countdown: 3….2….

We have two for you today. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see our final Moshi Monster we have a special announcement for you.



Name and Species

Mumbo the Punky Monkey

Personality: Anarchic, boisterous, nuts.

Mini Bio

Never mind the beeswax, Punky Monkeys use custard to keep their crazy hairdos upright. But that’s no surprise because these unruly Moshlings will do almost anything to stand out from the crowd, from scribbling naughty words on walls and swinging through the trees yelling tuneless protest songs to burping up banana skins.

Habitat: You might see a Punky Monkey pogo-ing along Main Street, but these rebellious rockers originally come from Nyaargh Nyaargh Nook.

Likes: Safety pins and churned butter.

Dislikes: Hippies and the system.

Rank: 156

Rarity: Uncommon


Name and Species

Quincy the Fraidy FuzzyFace

Personality: Anxious, jumpy, callow.

Mini Bio

Fraidy FuzzyFaces are always being frazzled by lightning, squished by falling pianos and attacked by swarms of sillipedes. Or so they say! It’s hard to be sure because these jittery Moshlings rarely leave the house. And when they do they insist on wearing protective gloves, rubber boots and hardhats. Look out, danger ahead!

Habitat: Fraidy FuzzyFaces live on Eek Street but you might see a few dashing along Ooh La Lane with their hands on their heads.

Likes: Staying in and reading The Daily Fail.

Dislikes: Going out and toffee apples.

Rank: 152

Rarity: Rare





Series 9 Moshi Monsters Countdown: 4

A big hello to….


Name and Species

Prof. Heff the Molecular Chef

Personality: Bumbling, ingenious, experimental.

Mini Bio

Looking for a simple snack? Forget asking a Molecular Chef because these science-obsessed Moshlings love over-complicating their cooking. In fact they won’t even poach a gooberry unless it’s boiled under strict laboratory conditions. Then again, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried their Slug Porridge with Vaporised Oobla Doobla. Mmm, slimy!

Habitat: In research facilities just off Heston Highway near Gastro Gulch.

Likes: Foraging for fluffles and dissecting gooberries.

Dislikes: Dirty surfaces and fast food.

Rank: 159

Rarity: Uncommon

Series 9 Moshi Monsters Countdown: 5

We are getting closer to launch day!

Today say hello to…



Name and Species

Posy the Forgetful Fairy

Personality: Sweet, dreamy, puckish.

Mini Bio

If you see a Forgetful Fairy fluttering around in circles it’s probably trying to remember the way home. You see these cute little Moshlings can cast powerful spells, sprinkle fairy dust and even freeze time, but they are forever forgetting the simplest things, leaving the bath running and losing their keys.

Habitat: Sparkle Nook near Copperfield Canyon but some Forgetful Fairies are attracted to beanstalk sap.

Likes: Sewing daisy chains and brewing nectar.

Dislikes: Fly swats and glockenspiels.

Rank: 149

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Series 9 Moshi Monsters Countdown: 6

Today we have…


Name and Species

Tessa the Shooting Star

Personality: Radiant, enchanting, dreamy.

Mini Bio

Some say they tumbled fell from space, others believe they just pinged into existence. One thing’s certain, Shooting Stars are very special because they can whoosh around faster than the speed of light, often arriving before they left! It’s just a shame they can only communicate by twinkling and making swishy harp noises.

Habitat: Tamara Tesla says Shooting Stars are formed in slack holes beyond the Way-Outta-Sphere but most of them live in and around the Twinkly Dink Mines.

Likes: Moon dust and goopernovas.

Dislikes: Space junk and being mistaken for Twistmas decorations.

Rank: 164

Rarity: Uncommon

Series 9 Moshi Monsters Countdown: 7

Say hello to…



Name and Species

Chirpy the Chipper Chaffinch

Personality: Optimistic, jaunty, cute.

Mini Bio

Knock knock! Who’s there? No, it’s not a Perky Pecker, it’s a Chipper Chaffinch. But that’s an easy mistake because these impossibly cute Moshlings are always pecking away at trees, tip-tapping messages to each other in Mosh Code. ‘Peckity… Peck… Thud.’ (Which, roughly translated, means ‘I love you too.’ Awww!)

Habitat: In brightly painted bird boxes, high up in the trees of Wobbly Woods.

Likes: Flying south and knocking on wood.

Dislikes: Jet engines and eleven secret herbs and spices.

Rank: 163

Rarity: Rare