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Review: Ergobaby Stowaway Carrier

I never used baby carriers when I had BG but being a part of the blogging community I saw a lot ofhttp://www.blogcdn.com/www.parentdish.co.uk/media/2013/01/ergo-stowawayoliveboth.jpg mothers use them so I made a decision that I would try them with Little Miss. We bought a cloth sling which I love. When I was offered the chance to test out the new Ergobaby Stowaway Carrier I thought it would be a great chance to give a different type of carrier a go.

The Ergobaby Stowaway Carrier folds into a pouch that can easily slip into your bag or under you pushchair.

The Ergobaby Stowaway is made out of recycled polyester, with an organic cotton lining. Approximately 5-6 20oz PET bottles are recycled to produce one Ergobaby carrier.

Features of the Ergobaby Stowaway Carrier:

• Wide hip belt and padded shoulder bands evenly distribute baby’s weight between the hips and shoulders

• 3 carrying positions: front, back and hip

• With baby infant insert from 3,2  – 5,5 kg

• Without baby infant insert from 5,5 – 20 kg

• Hood

• Pack pocket

Before we took our first outing with it I practiced putting it off and on at home. I made sure all the strapped were the right length and that Little Miss felt secure in it.  Once you have had a few goes it’s really easy to put on and I didn’t need any help.

I was worried that the waist belt wouldn’t go around my waist but once I adjust it, it fit perfectly.

Ergobaby Stowaway Carrier

Our first outing was to BG’s best friend’s birthday party. It was great to be able to play and dance with BG and have Little Miss close to me. It also meant we didn’t have to bring the pushchair.

We then went on a shopping trip; it was nice to walk around and not have to push a pram. It was much easier to get around.

Both times Little Miss liked being in the carrier and even fell asleep. I felt secure that she was safe and happy.

The Ergobaby Stowaway Carrier was comfortable to wear and I could wear it for quite a while without it hurting my back or causing any strain.

Its great to have on you if your baby gets grizzly or like me when you have another child to hold onto.

I really liked using this carrier the only thing I didn’t really like was the hood. It seemed too big (though I was probably doing it wrong) and a bit pointless. Other than that it’s a great carrier and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a baby carrier.

I was gutted to have to send it back!

The Ergobaby Stowaway Carrier costs £94.90 and you can but it from Born.

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