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What Type of Boobies Do You Have?

Today on one of my mummy groups, mummies were celebrating their Breastfeeding Awards.  I thought this was a wonderful idea and wanted to celebrate with you all.1boobie

Breastfeeding is hard work, tiring and also surrounded with pressures and every single day that you manage to breastfeed your baby should be celebrated.  I have had so many problems with Logan, from him being a sleepy feeder, the hospital refusing to discharge me unless I combined fed and more recently I was given medication  that meant Logan couldn’t drink my milk for 7 days.  Through all this I have persevered and am celebrating 10 months of breastfeeding this week!

Well done mummies, keep up the hard work xx


Baby Fears

Logan is now getting to that age where he is starting to react and interact with things around him.  I managed to “sneak up” on him the other day trying to get in his sisters bedroom and he jumped and squealed when I asked what he was doing.

He has even started to play and join in with peekaboo games. DSC_0300 When him and Daddy Bear are playing,he will bury his head to disappear when I tell him to hide.  Or we will spend the afternoon crawling round and popping out from behind corners and doors, a sure way of exhausting him out for bedtime while hearing his infectious little giggle.  Last week we were playing peekaboo; I popped out the lounge to check on lunch and came back to an apparently empty room.  Queue mild panic starting to set in trying to work out where he could have gotten and if he might have hurt himself, until I heard a little giggle…. Can you find the baby in this picture?  He is such a cheeky boy!

Anyway since Logan was born I have done everything to ensure my fear of bugs and spiders does not get passed along.  When out and about, I show them to him and have bravely touched and held spiders to remove them from our home, (then gone and scrubbed my hands and shuddered in the privacy of our bathroom).

But this week he has developed a fear, and I mean real fear.  When he sees this item, he literally stops in his tracks, his little hands shake and he sobs.  Real heart-wrenching sobs of panic.  It is awful to see.  Any ideas what this awful scary monster could be?


Yes that’s right, a minion.  Specifically this minion bopper, who stands at about 18 inches high.  I have absolutely no idea where this fear has come from, and the only explanation I have is he has an “angry face”.  I know that babies from 4 months will start to recognise facial expressions and emotions but he has never had a need to fear anger, we aren’t shouty parents and his charming little smile melts me the second he does anything remotely naughty.

Luckily this is at a friends house, so we have not had to hide it away and hopefully with time he will forget the scary angry minion.

Do your children have any unusual fears?  If so, what did you do about them?

SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats

SnoozeShade for infant car seats

Price: £19.99 plus p&p

Available from: www.SnoozeShade.com

Suitable from:  0+

Initial Reaction: Great idea. A product that not only protects my son from the sun but also helps aid his sleep. Continue reading

MAM Self-Sterilising Anti Colic Bottles

MAM self – sterilising anti colic bottles.

Price: £13.99

Available from: Amazon

Suitable from: birth

Initial Reaction: I have never used MAM bottles before , they are different shape and style to the type I have used with previous children. I had not yet given baby Sicily a bottle so used this review as a chance to express some milk and leave daddy and Sicily together to try the new bottles. The bottles work by having a small amount of water in the bottom and then you pop them in the microwave and sterilise them Continue reading

Brother Max Weaning Pots and 3 Combi Bibs

Brother Max Weaning Pots and 3 Combi Bibs

Price: from £5.99

Available from: Tesco Direct., Amazon, Kiddicare, Boots, Mothercare, Sainsbury’s, Toys R Us & Pram Centre Online.

Initial Reaction: 1st stage weaning pots were a nice size.  It was good to see a pen included for writing on the pots. Easy to forget what you’ve got once they’re in the freezer

I like the fact that there were three different bibs to attach to the crumb catcher.


  • BpA Free
  • Pthalate Free
  • PVC Free

Weaning Pots

  • fill straight from the pan
  • individual pots click together
  • feed from pot or pop out
  • safe to go straight from freezer into microwave
  • special pen included for writing contents on pots

3 in 1 BIB

  • soft cotton bib
  • crumb catcher at bottom
  • Leak proof lining
  • Washable

Cons:   Brandon was able to fetch the bib off

Value for money? I thought both of these items were a bit pricey.

Overall Reaction:  The 1st stage weaning pots were a bit small for Brandon, but there are larger ones available.  The lids were a little difficult to open so  be careful with your nails. They did seal well and did not spill.  I washed them in the dishwasher and they did not discolour at all. I didn’t try heating the pots in the microwave, as I don’t like to microwave food for the baby, but they are microwavable as well.

The crumb catcher at the bottom of the bib was soft and flexible and there are three separate bibs to clip onto the crumb catcher. Unfortunately Brandon could easily fetch the bib off.

By Sarah