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DKL Toy Review: Chloe Ballerina Corolle Doll

Earlier this year we were chosen to be part of the DKL Bloggers team.  We recently received our first toy to test out.

BG was sent a Chloe Ballerina from the Les Cheries Corolle and Hair Care set to play with.

chloe doll

What I first noticed about this doll is the size it’s not a big baby doll or a tiny fashion doll it was a nice size for BG to play with properly. I normally find dolls a bit creepy but not this one.

BG loved her from the moment she set eyes on her proceeded to spend ages playing with her hair and making her dance.

Chloe Doll Corolle

What We Liked:

  • Her hair
  • The clothes are really well made and easy to remove and put back on
  • It’s a sturdy doll, it doesn’t look like it will break easily
  • She comes in a lovely ballerina outfit.
  • Appropriate clothing
  • A good size
  • Not creepy looking (for mummy)
  • Hours of fun
  • You can buy extra sets of clothing for your doll

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Trying to get her out of her packing

Overall a big thumbs up from BG

Corolle have a large selection of dolls and accessories from babies to mini dolls. They would make a great Christmas gift for any child.

You can buy the Chloe Ballerina Corolle Doll from many online stores and the prices start from £23.97.

I found them on  Play MerrilyAmazonTesco and Alex and Alexa. You can find a list of Corolle Dolls stockists on the DKL Website.