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BrainBox The World

BrainBox The World

Price:  £9.99

Available from: www.greenboardgames.com

Suitable from: 8 +

Initial Reaction:  Comes in a nice compact box. Looking forward to playing and beating the other half.

Players will have 10 seconds to study a fact packed card before being asked a question from the reverse, chosen by the roll of the die. Answer correctly and the card is yours, if not return it to the box and continue play. The player with the most cards after 10 minutes wins the game! Continue reading

Pointless – the board game

Pointless – The Board Game 

Price:  around £20

Available from:  Amazon, Argos,Play,  Debenhams (currently £6 at Debenhams 16/11/11),

Suitable from:  12+

Initial Reaction:  Rules were a bit hard to understand at first. Continue reading

Red Rover Game

Red Rover Game

Price: £19.99

Available from: Argos, Amazon

Suitable from:  3 years

Initial Reaction: My children love dogs so very excited to see the box with a friendly looking plastic talking dog! The game was very easy to set up (once batteries were bought) and they quickly got the hang of what to do. The dog issues the command for what he would like you to bring back to win from the 12 bones each carrying a colour, shape, number or letter (or mixture of each). Continue reading