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Getting Organised With Paperblanks 18 Month Planner

BG started school last week, my maternity leave ends at the beginning of next month and OH is about to start a new role at work where he will be between two stores. It’s going to get busy and complicated! So when Paperblanks asked if I want to review their 18 Month Maxi Planner (£16.99) I couldn’t say no.

I do love Paperblanks, I have a small notebook which I carry around to write down anything creative that pops in my head, so I knew the planner would be lovely.

Paperblanks 18 Month Planner

Here are my highlights:

  • It doesn’t look like a planner. The maxi which is what I have comes in different designs. You can also get the Midi (£14.99) and the Mini (£12.99).
  • Its 18 months which allows you to plan well ahead.
  • There is a quick glance calendar at the front and then a month by month section and then a day by day break down. I have already popped in the half terms.  It’s great to see at a glance what is going on and then I use the more in depth day to day to plan posts etc.
  • It has holidays and international dates
  • It has an address book at the back.
  • Clothing sizes, measurements, and temperature conversion tables
  • World time zone chart
  • Travel planning memo page
  • Birthdays and important dates memo page
  • Extra note pages
  • It contains a lot and is not too big, a standard book size so it can slip into your bag and not take up too much space.

If you want to get organised this year I recommend a Paperblanks 18 month planner.

You can buy Paperblanks online at www.paperblanks.com