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Toy Review: Costcutters UK

The people at Costcutters UK asked me if we could test out some toys for them and who am I to say no?

To be honest before they contacted me I had never heard of them. Costcutters UK are a family run business based in the midlands. They supply toys and curriculum based resources to schools but they do sell to the public as well. I was given £30 to spend so decided to get both girls something.

This is what I choose:

Bigjigs Healthy Eating Dairy Set £17.99

We have quite a bit of Bigjigs wooden food and a table top cooker already so thought this would be a good addition. I prefer wooden food over plastic it last longer and looks so much nicer. This set come with 4 crated (perfect for storage) and about 20 pieces of food. For £17.99 this is great value as I tend to buy BG’s wooden food individually and I pay £1-£2 for each one.

BG was very excited when I gave her the new set and she immediately set up shop in the garden.

We had a lovely afternoon and it all packed up nicely into the crates afterwards. Next time I have promised we will play kitchens in the garden.


They sell a good range of Bigjigs wooden food at a really reasonable price. I will be buying future items for BG from here.

Lamaze Clutch Cube £7.25

This goes everywhere with us, Little Miss really loves it. It clips onto the pushchair so we don’t lose it! She really likes all the colours and patterns and has a good chew on the rings attached to it. It even has a mirror which she loves. Some bits make a crinkly sound.

Little Miss plays with this every day. I think at £7.25 its great value for money.


Costcutters UK is worth checking out for toys, crafts and furniture. I will be buying from them in the future!