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Parragon Book Buddies: Hold That Thought Milton

Hold That Thought Milton by Linda Ravin Lodding and Ross Collins is a very funny book indeed. Poor Milton his frog is missing and no one will take the time to listen to him. It’s the day before his Aunt’s wedding and they are all too busy to take any notice.

Hold that Thought, Milton!

We read this on a train to London and the people in the seats around us were listening intently and laughed with us at the end.

The story is great and reminded just a little bit of an old favourite of my Not Now Bernard. The illustrations are brilliant.

BG really enjoyed this book and it was read several times on our journey. She couldn’t pin point one particular bit she liked she said ‘it’s all good mummy’

Hold That Thought Milton gets big thumbs up from us.

Thumbs Ups

The Great Carrot Cake Catastrophe which we love is now available as an ebook  on ibooks, Kobo and nook. We downloaded a copy onto our ipad and it’s just as brilliant and you can listen to the story or read along.

Owly Images

Paragon Book Buddies Review February

Technically this January and February sorry Parragon Books!

BG took the first book to school to be read in class and it was in a queue.

The first book we were sent was Muddypaws: New Friends

Muddypaws’ New Friends

When Muddypaw’s best friend Ben goes to school he has to stay at home. One day Ben takes him to puppy school where he makes new friends.

It a really sweet story.

BG took this to school and they all loved it. They laughed when the puppies go splashing in the puddles.

This book gets the big thumbs up from BG and her class!

We were then sent some of the new DINO SUPERSAURUS activity books.

There are three in the set Stickersaurus, doodlesaurus and superpower colouring £3.99.

We were sent Stickersaurus and superpower colouring to try out.


The Stickersaurus was BG’s favourite. It opens up and has 7 large stories in it and you add the stickers to the pages. There are 50 stickers and they are reusable. It also comes with a stretchy dino on the the front.

The Superpower Colouring book is brilliant its not just a colouring book . You follow the story in comic book form colouring in and finishing the parts of the story as you go. It also comes with a flipbook on the front.

These would be perfect to help beat the boredom in the Easter Holidays.

Big thumbs up from us!

Thumbs Ups

Psst the Superpower Colouring book is only £1.99 at The Works at the moment!

Parragon Book Buddies: The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat

Our latest book from Parragon Books is the stunningly illustrated book The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat written by Coral Rumble and illustrated by Charlotte Cooke.

The story based on the poem The Owl and The Pussycat is about the adventures you can have just using your imagination.

It is the sweetest story and the illustrations are wonderful we really enjoy reading through the book.

I asked BG what she thought of the book:

‘It’s really good mummy’

What is your favourite part?

‘The bit with the octopus’

What do you think of the drawings?

‘They are lovely mummy’

BG gives it a big thumbs up.

BG Thumbs Up Book

You can purchase The Adventure of the Owl and the Pussycat RRP £5.99 from Amazon

Other Book Buddies Reviews:

Three Little Dinosaurs 

Parragon Book Buddies: Three Little Dinosaurs by Charles Fuge

We are Parragon Book Buddies and every month they send us a new book to read and review. Our latest book is Three Little Dinosaurs by Charles Fuge (£5.99).

It’s a really lovely little book about three dinosaur friends that want to fly. The illustrations are beautiful and really make this book.

Three Little Dinosaurs

I asked BG what she thought of the book and this is what she said:

Did you like this book? Yes (Girl of little words)

What was your best part of the story? All of it

What do you think of the pictures? They are very pretty

I think that’s a thumbs up from BG.

We have read this book several times and BG is not bored yet which is always a good sign.

We look forward to our next book!

Three Little Dinosaurs by Charles Fuge can be purchased from

Parragon Book Buddies: Little Learners

I managed to get to Britsmums Live this at last minute and I was very glad I went as I meet some lovely ladies from Parragon Books.

We are huge readers and love sitting down to a good story. Even though Little Miss isn’t 6 months yet I still read to her and BG likes to show her books to. I

I was given a Little Learners bag to take away at Britmums live with some books aimed at Little Miss and I have to say we love them.

This is what we have:

Peekaboo Rainbow

This book is really lovely and bright. BG loves to do the peekaboo bit with Little Miss and she just giggles.  Each page has different items in the same colour so Little Miss learns about different things.

We like this book.


This happens to be BG’s favourite song so she takes over when we read/sing this one. It has the cutest little owls which is actually what we are decorating Little Miss’s bedroom in. It has 4 sounds and to be honest they are not that annoying. She is yet to press them herself but it won’t be long.

We also like this book.

Sometimes me and Little Miss get to read them on our own.

Parragon Books has a huge selection of books from children’s to cookery. I am looking forward to trying out some more!