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Review: SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe

If I were to make a list of my top ten products for anybody due a baby, SnoozeShade would definitely be high up on that list. I was lucky enough to be sent one for the car seat when I had my first baby, 5 years ago. It went everywhere with me and was fab in the heat, out in the sun, protection when it is windy and also to help keep my baby asleep that little bit longer when having a nap out and about. I loved it that much that it got put up when my baby grew out of his car seat and I moved onto the larger version which attached to the push chair – again completely invaluable when out and about – no more pegging a muslin square over the front of the pram.

So its so surprise when Baby number 2 came along, the first thing I did was search out my beloved car seat SnoozeShade – even though it was December. I knew that it wouldn’t be long and I would be using it. In face early on I went to breakfast with my sister and family and along came baby in its car seat covered in the beautiful SnoozeShade.

The most amazing thing then happened; SnoozeShade sent me the new all singing and dancing car seat SnoozeShade. Now this, along with the original pushchair SnoozeShade goes absolutely everywhere with me. My baby loves it, as soon as it goes on the car seat/ pram baby is sound asleep and completely protected from the elements (apart from the rain). I can’t sing its praises enough or highly recommend it.





You can buy them from www.snoozeshade.com

There is a range of shades for car seats, prams, cots and travel cots. The shades range from £19.99- £69.99.


Quack Quack Moo Bed Protector and Seat Protector

Quack Quack Moo Bed Protector and Seat Protector

Price: £24.99 each, or £44.99 for a gift set containing both products

Available fromwww.quackquackmoo.co.uk

Suitable from: Birth

Initial Reaction:  What a beautifully designed and stylish..what? I asked myself as I first unwrapped the packages.  It took me a little while to work out how to use the products, in particular the seat protector.  The bed protector I put on the wrong way round (oops! The soft side is supposed to go upwards, but then you don’t see the gorgeous cow-print).  It’s a much better option than the ugly waterproof mats I have already got for night time leakages.

The seat protector was a bit tricky to get my head round, I could not for the life of me work out how to use it in my general dazed and confused way but when I took it to the car seat it all fell into place nicely.  It sits over the car seat/buggy to protect it from spills and crumbs and is waterproof, for any other accidents that may occur. It has two handy pockets for toys or other detritus that my son might like to bring along, although the contents still ended up on the floor.

Pros: Soft, hygienic, eco and all the rest, these products are something new and exciting.  They are soft, stylish and are a pleasure to use.  The seat protector is a fantastic idea – I always said that I’d never allow food in the car but inevitably you do, and it makes a mess all over the difficult-to-clean car seat.  This catches the crumbs/chocolate/spilt drinks and washes and dries really well too.

Cons:  The seat protector wriggles about quite a lot and refuses to stay put – I’m forever rearranging it.  Could it be redesigned with some kind of grippy stuff on the underside?  The pockets are a great idea but they would be better if they were zipped or had a popper on, to stop things falling out so easily.

I love the bed protector but it would be nice if the elastic bits that go under the bed could be adjustable so that they would fit cots as well as beds.

Value for money? My first reaction was that they are a bit on the pricey side but they are quite unique and very stylish as well as practical.  I’d be more willing to pay that amount if the small flaws were perfected.

Overall Reaction: the seat protector needs some design modifications and it would be helpful if the bed protector was adjustable but despite this I do love their design and the ethos of the company in general.

Shade a Babe


Price: £29.99

Available from: cheekyrascals.co.uk

Suitable from: Birth – 4

Initial Reaction: Folds up quite small. Wasn’t sure it would fit my pushchair Continue reading

Buggy Tug

Product: Buggy Tug
Price: £3.99 – £5
Available from: Buggy Tug, Baby Loves Shopping and more

Initial Reaction: My pushchair already has one of these so I know how good they are, however the one on ours is really long and can get in the way and tangled up so this was a perfect alternative to something I am already familiar with.


Price: £19.99
Available from: Snoozeshade
Suitable from: Birth

Initial Reaction: I had seen a lot of press and reviews about the snoozeshade and was looking forward to seeing for myself how well it worked.

The snoozeshade comes in a handy bag so it can be folded up and stored when not in use, it also folds up really small so it is perfect for keeping in your changing bag. With a newborn I was eager to see exactly how well it worked and I wasn’t disappointed, the best example is on a trip into town my daughter was crying so I put the snoozeshade over her and almost instantly she stopped crying. A trip to a local adventure park on a very sunny day was also great with her sleeping for four hours in the bright sun.

What I also love about this is the fact that it is UPF50+ so it means in the sunshine she is protected not only from the bright light but the harmful UV rays. It also acts as a barrier against the wind so perfect for our great British weather!
The Velcro strips ensure it is secure and although I was using the pram version it did fit over the car seat, although I couldn’t Velcro all the straps to the pushchair it still worked fine (a new car seat version will be available soon).

This is a great alternative to draping a blanket over the pushchair and as it is breathable a safer option too. It also has a handy zip on the front so you can peek in at baby whilst they are sleeping.


Value for money? Most definitely, it is compact and for us it does what it says on the tin.

Overall Reaction: Compared to the alternatives out there (which I have tried) this offers a compact and safe solution to the age old problem of bright lights, sunshine, wind and a sleepy baby. I feel safe in the knowledge my daughter is sleeping under this and is protected from the elements. It’s definitely a must have for all mums and dads and perfect for taking on holiday and for trips out with a sleeping baby.

By Ellie